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Truck Driver Sample Resume

If you wish to look at a truck driver sample resume or CV, then, check out the worldwide web. There are various samples of resumes for light, medium or heavy truck drivers.

The key sections of a CV are the same. It does not matter what kind of job, which you held or are looking for. The main sections are personal details, skills, experience, education, training and references. Personal details should preferably include your full name, current address, permanent address if it is different from the current one and age. When it comes to skills, it depends on the nature of your job.

For a truck driver, specific skills would be important. Since you may have to travel to new places, map-reading skills might come in handy. Even if you do not have to travel to new places, knowing how to read a map is important in the event of any changes to your normal route. Driving skills is linked to your driving experience and training. After getting the relevant training, you may have to sit for specific exams and pass them.

Only then would you be given the necessary driving license. Without a proper and valid driving license, you are not supposed to drive on the road. So, make sure that you indicate the validity of your driving license together with its class in your resume. It is also important to include your driving experience. You may have worked as a driver at a few companies.

If you were only worked in a particular company for a couple of months, consider not including the job details in your CV. Choose companies, where you worked for a long time with a good job record. When it comes to experience, mention your experience in terms of not only driving but also other relevant aspects such as loading and unloading of goods too. Some people might be equipped with a diploma or even higher.

If you are one of them, include it in your CV. It does not matter whether the diploma or degree is relevant to your driving experience. Education is an asset. Therefore, it might give a better impression of you if you were to include it in your CV. Some people may much knowledge about maintaining and servicing a truck.

If you do, mention this in your resume. You may have better chances of being hired if you have such knowledge. You might also be able to ask for a higher salary than was advertised. Apart from knowledge, skills, experience, training and education, attributes of the driver is important too. Normally, you might have to travel a long distance.

So, qualities like patience and perseverance might come in handy. Mention these items in your resume too. Physical strength is another item, which you should consider mentioning in your resume. A truck driver needs much physical strength to maneuver the vehicle on steep roads and make tight turns.
In short, take a look at the virtual world to check out a truck driver sample resume. The key aspects are personal details, skills, attributes, experience and education.