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Accounting Sample Resume

If you want to create an accounting sample resume, or if you are looking to download a template, there are certain concepts that should be made clear. Be under no illusion that finding an accountancy job would be easy, with the economy still not as buoyant as it was before the recession, there is intense competition for the most desirable openings. The way you structure your resume, and the information it contains, will have a major bearing on the number of interviews you are asked to attend.

At the top of your document you should place your contact information. This should include your home address, email ID, and telephone number. As you do not know through which medium a recruiter may make contact, providing every option would be essential.

The next piece of text should be an objective statement. This needs to be brief yet informative. It needs to include your desire to succeed in the field as well as your career goals, try to keep the statement text in relation to the job you are applying for.

Following on from your objective statement should be your qualifications. You should list in an easy to peruse fashion your professional qualifications. Make sure you emphasize any certification that is related to accountancy. Your most recent qualifications should be at the top of the list.

After your qualifications should come information relating to additional skills. There may be certain accountancy tasks that you excel at. Also, you should include details of any special software or applications that you are adept at using.

The next section should be based upon your actual work experience. Be certain to include details relating to the past jobs in the financial sector that you have held, no matter what their duration or status.

You can close your CV with a brief paragraph on hobbies and extra-curricular activities. This is important as many people may have the same qualifications and experience as you.