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Actor Sample Resume

An actor's resume is unique from that of virtually any other profession. This article will go over the key elements which should be included in an actor sample resume. For instance, it's pretty standard practice in the entertainment industry to attach this document to the back of a head shot photograph (one could opt to have it professionally printed there by the same company that does the photo duplication).

At the top, the most important thing to include is one's name (if a stage name is used, then use that). Immediately under the name, cell and home phone numbers should be listed. An email address is also good, but telephone is typically the most prominent means of communication as there is usually an immediacy about this business.

It is unnecessary to list one's social security number. This is for the individual's own protection. Once hired, regular payroll paperwork will be required and they will obtain that, along with a mailing address at that point. The casting director wants to know first and foremost if someone has the necessary talent and appearance to fit the part. If so, then he or she needs to know how to best contact that person quickly to schedule a callback audition, or to hire the actor outright.

Personal statistics including height, weight, hair and eye color are important to include, as casting people often see hundreds of people in the course of auditions. If your picture is black and white, these details definitely may assist them in making their casting decision.

Showing all acting experience is a necessary component of a good actor sample resume. Begin with the most recent and include the name of the production, character's name, and if it was a theatrical role, then the name of the theater as well. If it was a television or film role, then that designation should be made. Actors with extensive experience in various genres usually separate each category of performance on their resume. For example, headings might include Theater, Television and Film, with the appropriate corresponding acting experience listed under each.