The Resume Builder

Executive Sample Resume

Executive resumes can be between 1-2 pages. The following skills should be included.

  • Executive resumes are written for high level management professionals such as President, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Director etc
  • The resume should provide information on extensive experience, capital acquisitions, experience in purchasing investments and other specialised trainings and experience
  • The major executive skill includes the management of risk, therefore any experience in that should be explicitly described
  • Some of the skills such as project management, strategic planning, regulatory compliance should be discussed in detail
  • The experience in administration, project management, budgeting is very essential to represent yourself most suitable for job
  • In addition, any skills and experience related to mergers and acquisitions is very useful to give you an edge over others
  • Do mention your educational qualifications
  • Include professional affiliations

For CEO and President Resumes also falls under the category of Executives, but there is need to add certain skills and qualifications. The experience needs to be documented in terms of achievements and responsibilities. The succinct information on the following should be provided.

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Performance Improvement
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Legal Transactions Experience
  • Cost Analysis/Product Development
  • Quality Control
  • Capitalization Strategy