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Consultant Sample Resume

A great consultant resume should showcase the applicants skills and achievements. Writing an excellent CV to be able to clinch that desired job may prove to be a challenge. However, if you know what to put in it, there is no reason why you should not be able to get the nod of the bigwigs.

The first thing you need to do to write a great CV is to read the job description. Consultants are people who assist clients and management if they need help. They should be able to analyze information gathered to be able to come up with solutions.

A Consultant resume must first show the applicants contact information. Important information you need to include are: full name, address, email address and telephone or mobile number. This will provide information to the company on how to get hold of you if they need to conduct interview or exam.

The next step is to state your career aims. This will allow the management to see what you aspire to achieve within the organization. And, if your goals match with theirs. State your objective in a concise and exact manner. For example: With 10 years of extensive consultant experience in the retail industry, seeking a Senior Consultants position which will allow me to use my experiences to mentor my team and provide effective solutions to the company.

State your experience in the resume. This is a critical aspect of your application success. This part should be well made. Begin by stating the name of the organization you worked for, length of service and the position you held. You also need to include the responsibilities and achievements you attained while working in the previous organization.

Education and certification will come next. The applicant should state his or her academic background. This will show the degrees or courses you have taken. The latest degree or certification should be stated first. And finally, a great consultant resume should provide references. Two or three references that can vouch for your skills and achievements will suffice.