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Executive Sample Resume

Executive resume states clear and concise information pertaining to your management skills. A job applicant should come up with a CV that will impress prospective employers. You will get considered for great jobs if you do this.

A great CV should include your contact details. Make them as complete as possible. State the full name and contact numbers. Email address and websites are important too.

Write a short summary of your skills and objectives after the contact information. This part is where you broadcast your achievements and aims in wanting to join the organization. Make your statement as concise and clear as possible.

An example of a career summary and objective statement is: Working as an Innovative corporate financial executive at XYZ Company for 10 years with strong background on product management and employee supervision; logical strategic thinker and a solution provider.

Your technical expertise should come next in your executive sample resume. State your specific areas of expertise in managerial jobs. Take for example: managing marketing, banking, branch stores, market analysis, new product development and market analysis. Make sure that you clearly state the number of years and specific responsibilities you have tackled in the areas you mentioned.

It will also help if you mention how much money you have saved for the previous company, how much sales you made and other pertinent info. You may state it in this manner: Grow the company sales revenue by 300% in 2009. The employer will be very curious on how you have achieved such feat. It will also make them wonder if you can duplicate that feat in their company.

Educational attainment is an integral part of the applicants CV. This is where you state the degrees, courses and training you undertook prior to the application. Make sure that you include your affiliation in various organizations.

Lastly, character references should be included in the executive sample resume. The people you mentioned as references should know you for a good number of years. They should be able to vouch for your work experiences, skills and character.