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Art Sample Resume

Resumes are an important component of gaining employment in any field. It's usually the first impression a potential employer receives. For visual artists, having an outstanding art sample resume in conjunction with a well-designed website is crucial. The internet's instantaneous appeal allows artists to display their work all over the world to potential customers. So having an attractive, easily navigable website which shows their work off to advantage is highly recommended.

Beneath the artist's name, their website URL should be included along with other pertinent contact information, such as telephone numbers and a studio/business address, if there is one. Underneath, list all the places one's work has been published, displayed, showcased or printed, along with the dates, starting with the most current. It's a good idea to include a thumbnail photo of one piece that was showcased at each location, including a link to the gallery's (or other venue's) website, if possible.

If the artist creates works in more than one medium, the resume should reflect each category, such as Paintings, Sculpture, Collage, etc. Be sure to include a section for any awards received or special work commissioned by organizations or agencies.

Other sections might include educational background, artistic training or apprenticeship, and references. Keep the document to one page if at all possible, no more than two pages maximum. It should be simple and clean, with clear images of the best work along with concise, easy to read text.

As art sample resume can be greatly complimented when a font style and color is chosen which melds well the artist's style and feel. It's a good idea to ask a few friends to look it over and take their feedback into consideration. Bear your audience in mind. It may be wise to have more than one version ready to go, depending upon the demographic/target market.