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When you're sending out resumes to different jobs, try to inhabit the perspective of the person who will be reviewing your application - and a hundred others.

Chances are, this person's eyes have glazed over reading the same humdrum phrases about your qualifications and eagerness to start. What most hiring managers are looking for is simply an objective statement front-loaded in your resume that asserts that you want the position and details what unique value you can offer the school district. Here are some examples:

  • 1. Seeking the job of a 3/4 Grade Reading Specialist in a scholastically-minded school where my years of experience in teaching language arts will meet the district's high standards of literacy education.
  • 2. Educator with deep credentials looking to join the award-winning history department at XYZ High School, with my specialties in US, European, and World History that can be used to develop curriculum from the incoming freshman to the AP levels.
  • 3. Applying for the position of Grade 7 science educator with special reference to my doctorate training in biology, which taught me to emphasize hands-on learning such as field trips, as well as in-class presentations between the young scientists and their peers.
  • 4. Gym instructor with over 15 years of experience as a P.E. teacher and football and basketball coach seeking to cultivate a well-rounded understanding of health and exercise in students that matches the school's emphasis on providing physical as well as mental education.

Think of it this way: The employer scanning through a mountain of resumes is probably pressed for time, and your objective statement will leap out because it essentially boils down to saying, My qualifications meet your needs. That saves HR time. And if you make HR's job easier, HR may just give you a job.

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