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Graduating from high school or college and wading into the work-world is one of the biggest transitions of your life. You may have never sent out a job application before, which can be daunting. That's why, for many people entering a field, it's a good idea to apply to entry-level positions, and to craft a strong resume objective statement that will grab HR's attention. Take a look at a few examples:

  • 1. Business major who recently graduated with a 3.9 applying to the position of marketing intern, bringing to this job a professional demeanor, a determination to succeed that dovetails well with the company's culture, and the efficiency and reliability of a quick learner.
  • 2. Law graduate with over three years of experience clerking with XYZ firm seeking an associate role at ABC & D, LLC. Hands-on team player offering extensive experience with Westlaw, and an eagerness to apply the skills cultivated in law school to the real-world practice of medical malpractice work.
  • 3. Journalism student who has developed a portfolio of clips and articles desiring to fill an investigative reporter position on a radio and/or multimedia platform. Qualifications including fact-checking for publications, researching public documents, and interviewing a range of people involved in a story, will be useful for the day-to-day demands of the newsroom.

"Just copy/paste" has never been recommended as an effective writing strategy, but your task here is to pair up your skills with the demands of the position you want. Block out the first section of your resume with that content, and keep it to-the-point. Your hiring manager may thank you for making his job easier in finding someone a job.

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