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Admin is important. From the secretary on up to the assistant account manager, the people taking calls or processing payroll or coordinating communication between clients juggle a host of tasks so delicate that even a slight mishap could prove costly. That's why, when applying to admin jobs, it's important to emphasize your organizational skills, as well as your reliability and consistency. Equally important, though, is making clear early on in your resume how your credentials match up with what the hiring manager is looking for. Here are some examples.

  • 1. Applying for the position of legal assistant with two years of experience filing motions, preparing documents, and setting up appointments between attorneys and clients to expedite workflow.
  • 2. Seasoned IT assistant seeking to join the team at XYZ Tech , where top qualifications in current technological tools, an energetic hands-on approach to problem-solving, and an eagerness to work with others will all be useful.
  • 3. Desiring a role as an administrative assistant at XYZ University, College of Pharmacy, bringing a background in pharmacy, exceptional organizational prowess, eagerness to assist in daily office needs, and an interest in student development and enhancement.
  • 4. Project administrative assistant seeking to work in that capacity at XYZ Business. Offers professionalism, logistical aptitude, efficiency and timeliness in developing and executing projects, as well as excellent workplace management savvy.

The key here is to cull from your training or education or personality the skills that the company you're applying to needs so that you can set off a Bingo! reaction in the hiring manager excavating through the pile where your resume has landed. Identify a phrase that condenses that skill-set, place it front and center in your app, and you may just have an interview in your future.

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