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Your resume objective is a brief intro to your resume. It should explain why you are applying for a position, what you have to offer, and summarize your abilities and skill sets. To help you display your communication skills effectively and get interviewed, use these resume objective dos, don'ts, examples, and helpful tips from hiring pros.

Create a Killer Resume Objective

While some job seekers use a resume builder to help them learn how to write a resume, you can find tips here to help with your objective.

The Resume Builder suggests that resumes today aren't the same as a few years ago. The objective is a fast way to display qualifications. Employers aren't reading your entire resume, they're picking up keywords

To help:

  • Use common keywords that show up in searches
  • Keep your resume updated often especially with new skill sets
  • Proofread your resume: Run it through Grammarly or Hemingway
  • Include a strong title like "Senior Level Banker Specializing in AI and Blockchains" instead of "Jack Russell Banker"

A few dos and don'ts:

  • Do keep your objective short and use action verbs
  • Don't use incomplete sentences and don't lie or inflate your resume (you might be tested or could lose that future job opportunity)
  • Do personalize your objective for each job
  • Do showcase your best skill sets, i.e. instead of Experienced customer service agent good with phones try Experienced customer service professional who provides technical support to online customers; manages 10 accounts and in 2017 grew sales by 5% to $300,000.

If you haven't started using an online resume builder, these next tips can help.

Understand What a "Right" and "Wrong" Objective Looks Like

Employers only spend about 6-seconds on resumes. Your objective needs to catch their eye.

Here's a "wrong" example:

Seeking a sales position because I like talking to people

Here's a "right" example:

Energetic Sales Associate with a B.S. in business management and +5 years of experience in sales. Seeking to leverage my professional and technical experience to grow into the new position of Sales Manager at your business.

See the difference?

Personalize Your Objective to Match the Needs of the Employer

Kim Isaacs with Monster suggests that to increase your interviewing success, include the objective. If there's a stack of 300 resumes, you want yours to stand out, which can be achieved by showcasing the employer's objective over your own.

Here's an example:

Experienced executive assistant interested in becoming a senior executive personal assistant. +10 years of experience with demanding clients and type-A personalities. Want to apply my understanding and high degree of patience with difficult clients to supporting senior managers at your firm.

While it's specific, it's also targeted because the job description stated: "Need someone who can handle difficult clients". Get it?

Modify your objective to match an employer's needs (as long as you have the relevant experience).

Take Your Objective Up a Notch with The Following Tip

Chegg CareerMatch suggests that while objectives can help get you interviewed, there's one tip that definitely works in your favor - state what you have to offer.

Here are a few examples:

To bring my four years of crisis management experience to Global Devices LLC Senior Manager role.

Not great, right? Glad you noticed. These are better:

To bring my 6 years of administrative work with a research concentration to Capital Investors position.

To bring my seven years of accounting experience with a concentration in accounting to H&R Block Senior Tax Preparer position.


Ultimately, while your resume objective may not be picked up by every employer, you want to do all you can to stand out from other job seekers. Review your resume objective, use the examples shown and see if you notice a difference the next time you apply. Good luck in your job search and let us know how we can further assist you!

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