How to Write a Management Resume

The chronological resume or reverse chronological resume is the most common type of management resume, which follows the experience and the qualifications in the chronological order. This can be mentioned from current, going chronologically backwards. The reverse chronological format uses experience listed in the reverse order. This is the most common and the convenient type. The skills and the experience flows from the beginning to the end. The gap in experience may be a problem to handle, but the best thing is to provide accurate and comprehensive information, about your experience.

The resume example can be for the executives, managers, legal sector, lawyers, finances, banking, accounting, medical, health and care etc. The basic format aims at providing all the information about you in a concise manner.

Sally Sue Smith
123 Any St
Hometown USA 09876
555-213-0987 - [email protected]

I enjoy the challenge of initiating leading practice technologies to promote a safe and sustainable business and a reduced eco-footprint of our organisations operations. I value ethical behaviours in myself and others by promoting honesty, integrity and respectful relationships. I am an environmental scientist with over years experience in the field of environmental management across both the private and public sector. As a result of my qualifications and experience, I have acquired skills in environmental impact assessment, developing risk based audit programs, developing and undertaking environmental monitoring programs, development of environmental management plans, developing innovative solutions to environmental issues and negotiating with government, industry and the community on a range environmental matters.

•   Environment Officer, Oct 2002 - Present
Overall direction of the site's environmental performance, this is achieved through:
our commitment to best practice environmental management
complicance iwth legislation, industry codes and voluntary agreements
develop and maintain a highly motivated team of Environmental Officers
implement sustainable strategies

Ensuring Legal Compliance of Operations, this is achieved through:
Operating in accordance iwth new and amended legislation, standards and industry codes
Operating in accordance with HSEC Management Standards
Ensuring the targets in the site's Plan of Operations are met

Maintenance of the Environmental Managmeent System and ensur eit's compliance iwth ISO 14001 and the HSEC Management Standards, this is achieved through:
ensuring the site's Environmental Managmeent System complies with ISO 14001:2004 and the HSEC Management System
Providing guidance to departments for achieving conformance iwth the site's Environmental Managmeent System
Lead the Internal Audit Committe to schedule internal audits to audit the sites and departments Environmental Management System
Communicate with Senior Management on the overall performance of the system

Finance Management
Develop LTP budgets and SRF budgets
Develop 5 year business plan
Identify actions, responsibilities, timeframes and budget toe nsure the overall direction of the site's environmental perormance is met
Align business operations with legislation, standars and industry codes

Implement and Maintain Stewardship Program, this is achieved by:
Review Management plans (land, water, waste, energy and greenhouse gas) to align with HSEC requirements
Identify KPI's for monitoring and reporting
Develop business improvement strategies for those significan aspects of the operation to demonstrate both leading practice and continous improvement utilising Six Sigma process

Develop Site Objectives and Targets
Identify objectives and targets set by BHPBilliton, BMA, legislation and voluntary codes
Align Departments with the Organisations' vision and achievement of this vision

Project Management
Planing, implementing, controlling and reporting status of a project

Risk Management
to identify and review the legal and environmental risks associated iwth the business activiites, products and services
Utilis the EWRM process, BMA Risk Managment process, jSA's and where applicalbe SAM's to ensure actiities are conducted in such a manner so as to achieve Zero Harm
Ensure Contractor Compliance with the Fatal Risk Protocol

Advisory Function for Special Projects
Provide site details for expansion projects
Participate in risk reviews
participate in meetings with Regulatory Authorities
Provide a site contact for consultants
Develop environmental scopes for projects

Contractor Compliance with EMS
Ensuring contractos EMS complies witht he requirmeents of the site's EMS
manage environmental and legal risks associated with contractors
ensuring safety, quality and time targets are achieved
Participate in ICAM's
Incident investigation in First Priority

Supervisory of the Environmental Officers and Graduate
Demonstrate leadership
maintain a customer focus
provide opportunities for self development

Community Stewardship
Develop and maintain relationships with stakeholders
Devleop community projects that are beneficial to both the site's environmental performance and to the education of community members
Ensure training packages are developed and implemented to all employees at Peak Downs Mine

Monitoring, Measuring and Auditing
Monitor and report on the key environmental aspects of the operation to ensure compliance wit the Environemntal Authority Conditions
Measure and report on the site's enviornmental performance to ensure coproate and site objectives and targets are met

Initiating management plans, budgets and management systems through risk management

Liasing with Regulatory Authorities, Auditors, Consultants, Contractors and Corportate

Promoting leading practice within departments

Leading a strong enviornmental team focusing on safety and compliance

Supervising contracts

Project Management of site and community projects
•   Environmental Officer, Oct 2001 - Apr 2002, J J Richards and Sons, Mackay Q 4740
Supervise and implement Total Waste Management Services within the Bowen Basin

Co-ordinate and schedule waste removal services

Report site's waste management performance monthly

Liaise with site personnel

Maintain waste contracts
•   Environmental Co-Ordinator, May 2001 - Oct 2002, Macarthur Coal Coppabella Coal Mine, Coppabella Q 4746
Responsible for site's enviornmental performance and reporting

Co-ordinated waste management and rehabiliation

Responsible for site's water treatment plant

Assisted with ACARP research projects

Responsible for safety of self and contractors

Completed inductions for employees and contractors
•   Environmental Scientist, Jul 2000 - Sep 2001, SIMTARS (Dept of NRM&W, Mackay Q 4740
Environmental Noise, Water and Air Monitoring and Reporting
Contaminated Site Surveys and Reporting
Environmental Management Plans
Microbiological Surveys
Occupational Hygiene Surveys and Reporting
Area noise and dust surveys
Preparation, maintenance and calibration of field and laboratory equipment
Writing scientific reports
•   Technical/Administration Officer, Mar 1999 - Jun 2000, SIMTARS (Dept of NRM&W, Mackay Q 4740

•   Graduate Diploma, Jan 1998 - Dec 2000, Central Queensland University, Rickhampton Q 4701
Graduate Diploma:
Environmental Management

Risk Management
Waste Minimisation and Cleaner Production
Environmental Planning and Economics
Water Management
Air Quality Management
Instrumentation and Monitoring
Land Management and Rehabiliation
•   Bachelor of Applied Science, Jan 1992 - Dec 1997, Central Queensland University, Rockhampton Q 4701
Bachelor of Applied Science:
Focusing on the Water Sciences

Arc GIS competant
Humingbird Competant
Microstation competant
EDR competant - Environmental Repository System
S1,S2, S3 and G2 certified
Project Management 101 and 201 Certified
Completed Excellence in Leadership
Six Sigma Yellow Belt qualified
First Priority Competant - Incident Investigation, Maintenance of Environmental Management System, Template Manager
SAP competant - raising requistions and reports
Trained ISO14001 internal auditor

Dragline Regulated Waste Bins
Secure the benefits of scrap metal recycling
Embrace product stewardship at site level and develop at departmental level
Leading Practice in Product Stewardship and reporting
Implement a certified Environmental Management System to ISO14001
Maintain site's environmental performance at Category 2
Implement a Schools Weather Program
Design Spills and Waste Pocket Card

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