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Every top executive needs to a well branded and beneficially designed resume. An excellent vice president sales sample resume ought to have a lot of relevant information that the prospective employer may require. This is in order to understand the interviewees. This is also in order to get noticed by prospective employers or talent seekers.

Most executive resumes go way past perfect writing. The main point is to get the aspiring executive VP hurled into the limelight. Companies would do anything to get a good VP due to the succession question.

The main point of a strong CV is to bring out the strong points of a good and hard working individual. A good CV will almost always land one an interview at the least. The curriculum vitae ought to bring out the best in a person. It also has to show all his/her strengths.

The suitability of a person to a job is boosted by the fact that his/her resume carries all the necessary information that the employer would like to know. A good CV shows the career history as well as the performance records of an executive. These are vital to the employer since they will give them an idea of how to conduct the interview. An individuals career history will explain to the company a lot about the applicant.

It is crucial for the interviewing panel to be aware of the person that they will be dealing with since many people have attitude problems. Some people might imagine that by virtue of the fact that they went to good colleges and graduated at the top of their class, they automatically deserve the job. This is not correct.

Most of the individuals who show this sort of attitude are not even considered for a lower post. An aspiring vice president ought to be able to be tough and at the same time extol the virtue of humility. By showing some elements of humility, the interviewee exudes a sense of confidence in the panel. They will know that they are dealing with an individual who is able to make proper decisions.

It is important for a person seeking the post of vice president sales to be able to clearly explain to the interviewing panel his/her career goals. A good CV will show all this and will even explain to them the aspirants achievements. A person without any goals is like a train with no stop. Career goals show that an individual is focused and can maintain a cool head at all times. This is very important for the company since it has got many employees.

Most of the employees will be under the vice president albeit indirectly. For a person to get shortlisted for the post of VP, a sales sample resume will guide them on how to go about writing their own. This is what is bound to make the difference between success and failure of a job seeker to get a good job in a flourishing company.

Sally Sue Smith
123 Any St Cobblestone, CA 90210
• Phone no: 555-213-6839• Email: [email protected]

Seeking an entry level sales or marketing position that will utilize my strong communication and organizational skills as well a provide an opportunity for growth with an established world-class company

Independent Consultant - Taste of Home Entertaining-York, PA, Sep 2006 - Present
Taste of Home Entertaining is a new Direct Sales company owned by Reader's Digest. I attended a home party demonstration on Friday, Sept 29, 2006 and by Sunday, Oct 1, 2006, I became an Independent Consultant and have already built a following and hosted many parties of my own and was one of the top 3 for sales in November
Sales Supervisor/Sales Manager - Memorial Behavioral Health/Memorial Hospital-York, PA, Oct 2000 - Present
'95 Began as a p/t receptionist and within 6 months was promoted to manager after evaluating and implementing improvements for efficiency and growth.
'95 Supervise front office/support staff with regards to all scheduling, registration and check in/out of patients.
'95 Manage all aspects of patient accounts from insurance verification to auths, to billing, follow up and collection
'95 Maintain contracts with insurance companies with regards to fee schedules, changes, updates, etc.
Sales Person - Dapery Restaurant -York, PA, Sep 1997 - Present
Along with my husband, we started Dapery Restaurant from the ground up. I am no longer active in the daily operations but was instrumental in the planning and start up. Dapery Restaurant has grown into a successful, profitable and respected restaurant in the community.
Sales Person - Barnhart's Hospitality Inn-York, PA, Aug 1985 - May 2002
'95 Sold services of a 30 room motel.
'95 Achieved an occupancy rate of 96% (up from 63%) through direct marketing as well as outstanding customer service, catering to customer needs in addition to complete remodel of facility.
Brought the motel up to AAA standards.
'95 Hire, train and supervise housekeeping staff as well as front office staff. Retained several of the employees for over 10 years through teamwork and motivation.

Jones College - Jacksonville, FL
1 year Business Certificate, Jan 1975 - Nov 1976
GPA: 3.7
Was studying for Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration but due to personal reasons was unable to complete my studies. I did have enough credits for a "Certificate in Business Administration"
Thompson's Business School - York, PA
1 year Certificate, Sep 1973 - Jun 1974
GPA: 4.0
Administrative Support/Clerical
York Suburban High School - York, PA
High School Diploma, Sep 1969 - Jun 1973
GPA: 3.6. Graduated 32 out of class of 364.
Majored in College Prep

 Proficient computer skills
 Outgoing, assertive and love to meet new people

 Active Volunteer for the United Way for 5 years.
 Lead successful UW workplace campaign for 2 years
 Was featured as "Highlighted Volunteer" for the UW in Sept 2006
 Active Volunteer for Cultural Alliance of York for fundraising and allocations
 Was an active board member for 10 years with the Friends of the Strand

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