An Effective Government Sample Resume

A government sample resume must be concise and clear. The applicant must state immediately what makes his or her experience relevant for the vacant position. It is good to pack information in condensed form so the reader can surmise right away if you are the right person for the job.

A great CV should showcase your skills, accomplishments and capabilities. It is a way of marketing your credentials to the employer. An excellent resume should not just tell but sell.

You must take some steps to distinguish yourself from a pool of other applicants. Make sure that your CV stands out so your application will stick in the employers mind.

Stating your career objective clearly in your government sample resume will highlight your goals and strengths. It will be good to make a headline that sums up your aims and qualifications. For instance: Senior Associate Applicant: To obtain a position as a Senior Associate in a Government office.

At the first half of the page, make sure that you have summed up your strengths that will be necessary for the position. You should list down keywords that will elicit interests in your application such as Project Consultant. Also, write down your certifications and licenses. For instance, Certified Public Accountant or Civil Engineer.

Put great emphasis on your accomplishments. Write down your job responsibilities in the past then follow it with list of achievements. For example, Sales in-charge: increase gross sales by 200%. Make sure that you can quantify and provide proofs on what you have achieved.

Your academic background is definitely one of your strengths. Make sure that you mention this. Do not exaggerate your accomplishments though. If you do this, employers might not like what they find if they do a background check.

A great government sample resume must not only talk about your but more importantly sell yourself. You should be able to discuss in a concise manner what you have accomplished in the past. This will give a glimpse to the employer what you are capable of attaining in the future..

Sally Sue Smith
123 Main St Anytown, USA 09876
• Phone no: 123-456-7890• Email: [email protected]

"I am a sincere, loyal and dedicated individual who has a great deal of ambition. Although I have extensive experience in the government intelligence industry, I love to learn, and am always up to a challenge. I get along well with others, while also working efficiently on my own. I am seeking a position where I can develop and excel while giving my best to an employer."

Recreational Specialist - Federal Bureau of Prisons-Washington, D.C., Aug 1996 - Jun 2007
Taught the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) course, basic anatomy and bio-mechanics in sports course, and resistance training at various government facilities.
Intelligence Analyst - Department fo Defense-Republic of Panama, Mar 1985 - Nov 1989
Worked as liaison for government and civilian officials traveling to Central and South America. Worked as a document translator and Area Specific Country Analyst.
Intelligence Analyst/Psyops Specialist - U.S. Army/Special Operations Command-Ft. Bragg, NC, Mar 1982 - Aug 1985
Attended and led various physically and mentally challenging military and civilian training exercises and courses. Worked as a Team member on various civil affairs and psychological operations programs throughout Central/South America.

National Federation of Professional Trainers - Lafayette, Indiana
Certified Personal Trainer, May 2001 - Jul 2001
Received certification as a Personal Trainer.
JFK Special Warfare Center - Ft. Bragg, NC
Special Forces Qualification Course, Oct 1984 - Feb 1985
Learned light weapons and operational intelligence while achieving Special Forces qualification.
Airborne Operations Course - Ft. Benning, Georgia
Airborne Operations, Jun 1983 - Aug 1983
Learned airborne operational procedures to work as a paratrooper.
Bloom Township - Chicago Heights, Illinois
High School Diploma, Aug 1979 - Nov 1981
Aquired General Education from the University of New Mexico.
Northern Warfare Training Center - Ft. Greeley, Alaska
Artic Warfare Specialist, Nov 1983 - Feb 1984
Received training for combat operations in artic environments.
Jungle Warfare Training Center - Republic of Panama/JOTC
Jungle Warfare Specialist, Mar 1985 - Jun 1985
Received jungle warfare training to operate in tropical environments.
Defense Language Institute - Presidio of Monterrey, California
Advanced Spanish Language Course, Jan 1984 - Jun 1984
Received training to become a translator of Spanish.
Institute for Military Assistance - Ft. Bragg, NC
Psychological Operations Specialist, Jun 1984 - Sep 1984
Graduated in the top 10% while receiving training as a Psychological Operations Specialist.

 Worked as a Team Leader and consistently performed duties in an excetional manner while preparing official reports and memorandums for various training programs. Developed curriculum to be implemented at various government facilities. Prepared and monitored bookkeeping records, files, company journals, and newsletters.

 Fluent in Spanish with a working knowledge of Portugese. Computer literate.

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