Fire Fighter Sample Resume, Do It Yourself

One thing is clear in today's market, jobs for any position are highly competitive, and today's resumes and cover letters are vital to your employment status. A fire fighter sample resume can help you know what to put where in your personal job application.

With all the experience in your field it can be hard to know what is most important when it comes to getting your application noticed. After all, most of the jobs today request an online job application. Then someone goes through them quickly to determine who they want more information from and who is wasting their time.

The last thing you need is to be one of the latter. Your cover letter is the first thing they see when you apply online, if it's not an attention grabber, they probably won't look any further. This means that if you're not good at the written word, you could have a hard time getting hired.

There's plenty of examples of resumes as well as cover letters online, but if that won't work for you, you have another option for your application. Pay someone else to write it. While you might think this is cheating, don't. First of all, you have firefighting experience, they have writing experience. You would no more call them to a fire than you should feel like you need to be an excellent writer.

If you and yours cannot put together a good cover letter and resume with the examples available, it's time to seek out help. Look for a writer who has experience in getting someone to read beyond the first sentence or two. Ask for examples of their work, and then figure out what and how much their payment is.

If a job is important to you and you're not good at the written word, don't lose out on the job. Look at the fire fighter sample resumes online, and then, hire someone to make your application stand out.

Sally Sue Smith
123 Main St. Anytown, USA 09876
• Phone no: 123-456-7890• Email: [email protected]

I am a dedicated and hard worker who has a great deal of ambition. I have extensive experience in Law Enforcement and Fire Fighting and would like the opportunity to further my career as a Fire Fighter. I am able and willing to work with others and the public to get the job done in a professional and courteous manner.

Regional Manger - Cost Recovery Corporation-Dayton Ohio, Sep 2007 - Present
'95 Travel to Fire, EMS, and Police Departments to provide information on the Companies services.
'95 Attend Fire Schools and set up a booth to speak with several agencies about the Companies services.
'95 Assist all departments wanting to sign with the Department in the paperwork process.
'95 Assist the Departments that sign up with how to file their claims.
'95 Follow up with Departments that have been signed and make sure things are going as they should.
Firefighter - LaGrange Fire & Rescue-LaGrange Kentucky, Jul 2007 - Present
'95 Respond to calls of service as a paid Firefighter for the Department
'95 Assist with any Public Relations events such as school visits while on duty
'95 Attend several training events
'95 Make sure Fire Departments and Equipment are in service each day and in good working order
Senior Telecommunicator II - Kentucky State Police-Campbellsburg Kentucky, Jul 2003 - Present
'95Answer 911 and Administrative phone lines for six counties.
'95Dispatch Police, Fire, and EMS to calls for service.
'95Enter EPO/DVO's, Enter wanted and missing persons, enter stolen property and articles, run driver's licenses and license plates, and check criminal histories
'95 Fire and EMS Liaison
'95 Certified Training Officer
'95 Assistant Terminal Agency Coordinator
Asst. Chief - Milton Fire & Rescue-Milton Kentucky, Jan 1997 - Present
'95 Respond to calls for service needed by the Fire Department.
'95 Put on training for the Firefighters and train new Firefighters.
'95 Public Affairs Officer
'95 Ensure all run reports are done correctly and entered into the State system
'95 Handle all billing for runs by the Department
'95 Manage 20 to 30 Firefighters in their everyday duties
'95 Assist the Chief with anything he made need
'95 Take care of all Crusade For Children detail including the news interviews
'95 Take care of all Public Relations events in the Community
'95 Update and manage all Fire Department websites and email accounts
Infantry Rifleman - United States Marine Corps-Kaneohe Bay Hawaii, Jun 2000 - Apr 2003
'95 Physical fitness
'95 M-16 and other various weapons Marksmanship
'95 Martial arts
'95 Close combat
'95 self defense
'95 urban warfare, desert warfare, building searches, vehicle searches, arrest and search procedures for detainees
'95 Leadership

During the time I was in the Marines I was in Operation Enduring Freedom after 9/11/2007. I did vehicle searches, searches of individuals, and arrests in several other countries.

Awards and Citations are:
'95 Sea Service Deployment
'95 Operation Enduring Freedom Medal
'95 National Defense Service Medal
'95 Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
'95 Rifle Marksman Badge
Telecommunicator I - Kentucky State Police-LaGrange Kentucky, Jul 1997 - May 2000
'95 Answer 911 and Administrative phone lines for six counties.
'95 Dispatch Police, Fire, and EMS to calls for service.
'95 Enter EPO/DVO's, enter wanted and missing persons, enter stolen property and articles, run driver's licenses and license plates, and check criminal histories
Security Guard - North American Stainless-Ghent Kentucky, Nov 1996 - Jun 1997
  • Patrol the plant and make sure all gates and property are secure.
  • Take complaints on plant property including accidents.
  • Maintain security on several properties and several office buildings including the plant itself.

    Southwestern Jr/Sr High School - Hanover Indiana
    High School Diploma, Aug 1990 - May 1997
    I was involved in Navy J.R.O.T.C and Criminal Justice classes while attending High School for two years in Kissimmee Florida.
    Marine Corps Institute - Washington D.C.
    Certificates, Aug 2000 - Mar 2003
    Attended several different classes while in the Marine Corps including:

    '95 Spelling
    '95 Math
    '95 Urban Warfare
    '95 Desert Warfare
    '95 Combat Operations
    '95 Corrections
    '95 Arrest and Search procedures
    '95 Various weapons and tactics
    '95 Self Defense

     Knowledge of the Law Enforcement paperwork
     Knowledge of Trimble County
     Knowledge of the people in the county
     Knowledge of the Court system
     Knowledge of the radio procedures

     Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
     Sea Service Deployment Ribbon
     Firefighter of the year
     Rescue Member of the year
     Outstanding Leadership Award
     Most Runs made Award
     Rifle Marksman Badge
     Operation Enduring Freedom Medal
     National Defense Service Medal

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