Engineering Sample Resume, A Way To Stand Out

More and more people are entering the work force, and an engineering degree can help you get a job in your chosen field. But with today's competition, you better stand out when it comes to your application. Find a engineering sample resume, tweak it a bit, make it personal, and you have a better chance of getting your application read by those that matter.

So you have your degree now, and all you really want to do is go to work in your chosen field, engineering. This means you're going to have to apply for jobs. Today's market is a bit different than yesterday's, you'll find most places want you to apply online.

This means you don't get a chance to "wow" them with your personality, it's all going to be written. So how can you make sure your application will be read all the way through? You're going to have to put together one sweet application. You'll have to catch their attention and then keep it.

Today, your cover letter and resume has to be tailored to the specific position you're applying for, if not, there's a good chance you'll be overlooked. You'll need to make them think you're the best applicant for the job within a couple seconds of opening your application.

Look to engineering sample resumes for a good format. Then take the time to make it your own, remember, there's a good chance all the other applicants are using the same example and unless you make it a bit different, once again, you'll be overlooked.

You want to take your good points and put them in such a way that the interviewers want to meet you. Since you don't get to "wow" them with your personality, you'll have to "wow" them with your online personality. Make sure you're a bit different from the rest, so when your application is opened they'll want to know more and look to sample resumes for easy to read formats and then make it your own.

Sally Sue Smith
123 Main St Anytown, USA 09876
• Phone no: 123-456-7890• Email: [email protected]

Job Objective: :
I am an Experienced Telecommunications Sales Engineer seeking employment in a company that can fully utilize my Presentation Skills and Technical Expertise to increase their Sales of Equipment and Services.

Work History:
Senior Sales Engineer - Verizon Business-New York City, New York, May 2010 - Present
Consult with clients on Verizon's SIP Trunking, Private IP (MPLS) Networking and Managed/Hosted IP-PBX offerings. Design a solution that either meets or exceeds the clients requirements utilizing the various technologies that Verizon Business offers. Reply to any questions that the client may have with the proposed solution and also emphasize to the client the advantages of purchasing these services from Verizon Business over the other vendor's that provide like services. Follow-up with the client after the installation to address any unresolved issues.
Senior Technical Engineer - Wesley Clover Solutions-New York City, New York, Jan 2009 - May 2010
Responsible for Pre & Post Sales Engineering, Design, Implementation of the Mitel 3300 IP Platform and it's associated 3300 Trading Turrets/Back Office Administration IP Phones. Installed and Programmed the Cybertech IP Recording Solution on Mitel, IPC and BT Communication Systems. Assisted Client's with their networks to support VOIP.
Sales/Systems Engineer - Mitel/Inter-Tel-Kenilworth, NJ & NYC, NY, May 1982 - Nov 2008
Responsible for providing Sales Engineering Support to 8 Mitel Direct Sales Associates and 4 Mitel Business Partners. Support consisted of pre-sales site surveys to uncover the potential client requirements (System Size, Number of Locations, Networking and Trunking needs, Call Center Applications, IVR's, CTI Integration, etc). The survey also determined if the client had the proper infrastructure to support the Mitel 3300/5000 IP Communications Platform. The Mitel 3300 has the capability to support up to 60,000 Ports. Utilizing the client's preliminary requirements a Visio Network Diagram was prepared and a Live Demonstration of the client's potential Mitel Solution (System/Software/CTI Applications) was performed at the Mitel Design Center. The Demo would either match or exceed the client's requirements and show how the Mitel Solution was superior to our competitors. Prior to the conclusion of the Demo the client's requirements were finalized. Based upon the finalized requirements an Equipment List was prepared. The Equipment List would be the basis for creating the client's proposal. The final step in the sales process would be to accompany the Sales Associate to the client's location and present the proposal and answer any questions or objections that the client might have. If the client signed the proposal I would prepare a Statement of Work for the Operations Department to use as a guide to perform the installation.

I also had the additional responsibility for the installation and maintenance of the LAN's and the WAN's in the NJ & NY Mitel Offices.

New Jersey Institute of Technology - Newark, NJ
MBA Management, Jan 1993 - Sep 1995
Thomas Edison State Engineering College - Trenton, NJ
BA Electrical Engineering, Jan 1987 - Aug 1991

 Mitel 3300 and Associated CTI Applications 2007-8
 CCNA 2007/CCNA Voice 2009
 US Air Force- Telephone Data Supervisor 36274/2e6x3
 VMware-Self Study In Progress

 Inter-Tel's President's Club (3 Times)
 "Big Fish Award" for Sales over $200k (5 times in 2008)

  •  Furnished upon request.

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