How A Business Resume Should Be Written

Most employers get access to an unlimited number of resumes on a daily basis. Because of this, it is easy for a business resume to get lost amidst the hustle and bustle of the corporate world. This is the main challenge one should take note of when creating the resume to represent what one has to offer for the target organization.

Many people talk about creating an eye-catching resume. This might be really helpful, but the focus should not end in catching the employer's eyes alone. The resume should be able to capture the attention and complete interest of the seeker, the employer who is looking for someone to take up a specific position within the organization. This is the goal that determines how effective one's resume is.

Here are the most basic and important details that one's resume should include to ensure its overall effectivity.

1. Contact Details - Upon submission of a resume, an employer's interest in the individual cannot be duly acted out on unless one has indicated how contact can be made. This information should be accurate, easily accessible and always up to date.

2. Education Background - An individual's education says a lot about his personality and overall character. This is a fact that most, if not all, employers know and utilize in order to gauge the people who are applying at their organization. Hence, one should indicate ample information regarding one's education in a business resume.

3. Work Experience - Another reliable source of information regarding an individual's overall potential to fulfill the duties and responsibilities the job entail is his previous work experience. This also gives the employer ample data to research on regarding how the individual conducted himself at work with his previous bosses.

4. Skills and Abilities - These are the most important part of the resume. The employers are going to check out the applicant's skills and capacities and assess how important they are in the position one is applying for.

One's resume should also be detailed in terms of the different assets one highlights and are necessary for the tasks involved in the job. For example, if language proficiency is useful for the job, then one should not only mention the proficiency of a specific language but include the level of proficiency as well. In addition to that, one can also input the other learning methods one have undergone in relation to the skills needed for the job. These include the seminars, training and conventions one has actively participated in.

A basic don't in making a resume is being too flowery in its construction. Unnecessary details should be kept out, and the entire document should be businesslike in both its tone and format. This gives the employer ample confidence in how professional the applicant is, a positive point for the applicant.

It does not take much to make a business resume. The most important part of the process is to make sure that all the information and details shared in the said document is honest, accurate, relevant, useful and updated.

Sally Sue Smith
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I have over twenty six years of technical and business experience in the Financial Services Industry. Many of these years have been spent working for software vendors which has given me the opportunity of working directly with clients gathering requirements and implementing software solutions. I have excellent communication and written skills as well as extensive data-modeling and system design experience.

Project Manager - U.S Trust Company-Jersey City, Jul 2004 - Jan 2007
Responsible for the design, integration and implementation of the Advantage Fee System This involved designing a new data model to be used for a new front office system allowing the entry of account and fee instruction information, two conversions from the existing Legacy system being replaced, all in bound and out bound feeds to Advantage and the integration of those feeds to and from existing legacy systems.
Project Manager - Financial Technologies International-New York, New York, Apr 1988 - Nov 1994
Project manager providing business and technical support for clients of a large Asset Management System. My major responsibility was the Fee System. My responsibilities included assigning priority and distributing work, correcting software errors, estimating, designing, specifying, coding and testing enhancements, on-site client training and support.
Project Manager - Earnings Performance Group-Short Hills, NJ, Nov 1994 - Jul 2004
Earnings Performance Group was a financial consultant and software vendor providing software and services to major finanial institutions. As project manager I was responsible for the software and database design, detailed specification, development, testing and implementation of a fully integrated application designed for retail banking back-office operations, customer service and regulatory compliance. This was a client/server application utilizing Oracle and imaging technology. It supported multi-currencies and time zones. It is in production in the United States and Barclays Bank of Kenya. I was also responsible for the design, development and implementation of a check book management system for Barclays Bank of Kenya.
During my ten years at EPG I did a total of five implementations and different client sites including two in Africa.

University of Sheffield - Great Britain
Bachelor of Arts, Oct 1976 - Jul 1989
B.A Honors in History and Political Science

 Proven ability working directly with clients gathering requirements/implementing software solutions

 Twenty six years of continuous employment

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