Tips To Composing A Great Architect Sample Resume

When gazing upon an architect sample resume, there are a few things that always seem to stand out. First of all, in order to obtain a career in this type of field, an individual must possess special skills and qualifications. They must be educated in this field; therefore they have to include every ounce of education on their resumes for future employers to peruse through.

There are a lot of different fields that call for the assistance of one of these adept individuals. For example, a person who has obtained the title of an architect may work in landscaping, retail, or with different building infrastructures. Each field has its own specifications and responsibilities that have to be carried out by a sole individual.

Before you can begin composing your architect sample resume you will need to pay close attention to the job profile that you are applying for as well as to the position that you are seeking. In order to create an effective documentation of your skills, there are a few things that your work related resume will need to include.

First of all, the structure of the document needs to be analyzed. There should be a small career objective mentioned that outlines what the individual applying for a position is looking for. There should also be a place where the individual who has composed this document includes their contact information.

All educational and job related experience will also need to be mentioned on this important document. Aside from mentioning what you can do you should also mention a little bit about your future goals in your profession.

Employers simply adore people that are eager to move forward in their careers. Ensure that you always mention that you are interested in pursuing growth opportunities with a company. This will definitely catch the attention of future employers and help make your document stand out above all others.

Sally Sue Smith
123 Any St. Hometown, USA 09876
• Phone no: 555-123-0987• Email: [email protected]

Construction and Architectural Degree : Argentina 1958 - 1962

Designer and Builder - Santo Construction-Sierra Madre, California, Jun 1987 - Present
1990 - 1991 : Design / Builder, 7500 sq' Custom home. 1 Colt Lane, Bell Canyon. Owner Builder Partnership with 1st American Bank.

1992 : Design / Builder, 5000 sq' Custom home, 541 W. Orange Grove , Sierra Madre, CA. Owner / Builder.

1993 : Various Design / Builder Projects for Private Clients.

1994 - 1995 : Design / Builder, 6 Town homes, 118 E Laurel Ave, Sierra Madre, CA. Thorton / Silke Partnership. Contractor of Record 1st American Bank.

1996 : Builder, 5000 sq' Custom home. 1705 Kinneloa Mesa Rd., Pasadena, CA.

1997 : Builder, 3000 sq' home, 2631 McGuiar Ave, Pasadena, CA.

1999 - 2000 : Design / Builder, 5000 sq' Custom home, 5060 Amestoy Ave, Encino, CA.

2001 - 2002 : Design / Builder, two 4000 sq' Custom homes, 788 & 888 E. Sierra Madre Blvd, Sierra Madre, CA.

2003 - 2004 : Design / Builder, two 2500 sq' Custom Spec. homes. 520 and 522 N. Grand Ave, Monrovia, CA.

2006 - Jan. 2008 : Design / Builder, 5000 sq' Custom home and 3000 sq' shop. 44059 De Luz Road, Temecula, CA. (6 acre Ranch with working grove.)
Project Architect and Construction Manager - HNTB Architects & Engineers-Los Angeles, California, Mar 1982 - May 1987
Project Architect and Construction Manager :

Various High Rise Buildings and Parking Structures
Senior Architect - Marion J. Varner & Associates-Los Angeles, California, Jun 1977 - Apr 1982
Production of Working Drawings :

Federal Prisons - Eugene, Oregon
Federal Courthouse & Prison Facilities - Orange County, California.
Senior Architect - Culver Heaton & Associates-Pasadena, California, Apr 1974 - Jun 1977
Draftsman, Working Drawing Production :

Multiple Church Projects throughout Southern California.
Senior Architect - Richard Rose Architects-Pasadena, California, Apr 1971 - Mar 1974
Working Drawing Production:

100" Observatory Building
Code Building
Astronomer's Quarters, Las Campanas Mountains, Chile.

Production of both English and Spanish Specifications : English and Metric Drawings and Details.

Multiple Assist Projects

Architect - Haynes & Oakley-South Pasadena, California, Feb 1969 - Apr 1971
Intermediate Draftsman - Working Drawing Production.
Huntington Memorial Hospital, Valentine Building
Children's Hospital of Los Angeles
Alhambra Memorial Hospital

Industrial School of Architecture - Rosario
Construction and Architectural Degree, Sep 1958 - Jun 1962
B.S. Degree

 Architect - Draftsman - Working Drawing Production - Construction Management
 General Contractor : License # 577777