Frequently asked questions

The Resume is ( ) located in Poway, Ca, USA.

Q. How do I print a resume without the web address on it?
A. It is your web browser, anytime you print off the internet the address will appear. Just email the resume to yourself, or download to Microsoft word and print from there.

Q. I have an account, but I can't login, it says I'm blocked, why?
A. If you attempt to login more than three times unsuccessfully, it will block your account for your protection. Just email us, we'll unblock your account, and give you your login details.

Q. When I click on "view your resume" nothing happens, why?
A. The resume comes in a pop up window. Just temporarily disable your pop up blocker in the "tools" bar across the top of your screen, or within your security settings on your computer.

Q. When I download my resume, it doesn't look right, why?
A. It will only download to Microsoft word. If you don't have it, just email the resume to yourself in any/all the templates, and copy&paste into any document program.

Q. Why do I not receive the email of my resume?
A. The website is sending the emails. Check your spam, or bulk folder.

If your question isn't here, just email us at [email protected] We are live on the website daily and will respond that same day. We understand how stressful it is job hunting, and we have professionals here to help you with your resume needs.

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