Why A Resume Is So Important

2020-03-27 by Rebecca

So why is resume so important?

Anytime one plans to apply for a job, they need a written resume. But some may wonder, Why is having this document so vastly important?

A resume is a very important tool because it offers a structured way to display your top qualities, achievements, and skills. Resumes always help your future employer to make a hiring decision as well as helps you score your first interview with them. That’s why it matters how you approach the structure of your resume, how you speak to your qualities, and what you mention as your achievements.

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Can I apply for a job without a resume?

Technically, you could do it, but try to put yourself in the shoes of the employer. Why should they select you from hundreds of other applicants that have at least tried creating a resume? Quite often it’s the extra effort that matters, that is why it is so important to have a resume.

What should my resume include?

Our analysis of 10+ million job descriptions shows that employers want to know the following:

  • Did you complete a school and/or university; if so, were you an average student or you had outstanding grades, participated in societies and non-profit events?
  • Do you have the right experience; if not, then are your skills transferable?
  • Do you change jobs every couple of months or you stay with each employer for longer?
  • Is there anything else that will impress them?

Do I need only one resume?

Having even one resume is a good start. But if you are applying to many jobs then you might want to tailor your CV to at least some of them. The easiest way to do it is to read through the job description and try to find specific skills the employer is looking for. Then make sure your resume talks about those skills. Remember, a resume is very important because it helps the employer learn something about you and then decide to invite you for a job interview. If they are saying they want somebody to be at work on time then mention how on the last job you always came first and were even awarded a medal for that (chances are low they will try to verify this)!

Build you resume now!

Should I try looking for a job now?

In our world economy, jobs are precious. If one has a good job, they do everything in their power to prove that they deserve it, making sure that they prove themselves valuable. Those who are currently looking for work are often sympathized. Everyone feels sorry for them. It really is too hard that they are out of work, and it is not their fault that jobs are scarce.

You see, not only individuals have become more smart with their money, but businesses are tightening their financial belts as well. And because of this, there are much fewer available jobs. During the past few years, many have lost their jobs, making unemployment rates skyrocket.

Because of all this, suddenly there is much more competition for any jobs that are available. There may be dozens or even a hundred individuals who send in a resume for a job offer.

At one time, a resume was a piece of paper that outlined one’s work history and past experience for a potential employer. While it was requested, it was mostly just so that the employer could look at this information and have it in hand during the interview process. If you had the relevant education and experience, you had it, and you got the job.

Now, however, the process is not quite so straightforward. Businesses are being forced to choose from a lot of prospects when hiring. And with dozens of resumes to pick through, suddenly, this document becomes much more important. This is not something that is likely to change in the immediate future, so all job hunters should sit up and listen carefully.

It is important that you have experience and education or other qualifications for a job. However, this may no longer be as important as how this information is relayed. When a prospective employer receives your resume, he does not see you. He has never met you. The only impression he receives is from what is on the piece of paper he reads. And if he has a hundred more to go through, if yours seems boring and lifeless, it is highly unlikely that he will even finish reading it, much less that it will make a positive impression.

Your resume has suddenly become your brand. It is a reflection of you. And above all, it must not be boring. Something about it must spark the reader’s interest. If you can do that, and capture the employer’s attention for even a few seconds, so that they are really interested in what it has to offer, then you may actually have a chance at winning the job.

This document is the employer’s first impression of you. It can really get the job for you. And with a little creativity, a little thought, and uniqueness, it will communicate who you are and why you are so special and perfect for the job at hand. Get the job with the right resume.


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