Ways To Survive the ATS

2017-12-26 by admin

Intuitive Ways Of How To Beat Application Tracking Systems.

ATS can easily be said to be the bane of the modern computing. All of the woes that software development has plagued the world with, resume reading applications stand out conspicuously for denying many the chance of landing prestigious positions without the chance of explaining themselves. But is there a way of beating these resume reading robots? Well, here is how;

a.) Make sure you include keywords from the post itself.

Put yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager who needs a certified accountant for their company. Would you by any chance spend your valuable seconds reading applications that are totally not related to accountancy? Exactly, that’s why most of them will utilize ATs to filter out unnecessary applications from their resume pool. And the best way of ensuring that you don’t end up a victim is to make sure that your resume and cover letter contains a decent density of keywords from the vacancy advertisement post.

b.) Delete unnecessary or unrelated content from your resume.

ATS are optimized to spot unnecessary word fillers and cliche’s from people’s resumes such as ‘seasoned professional’, ‘goal-oriented’, “strong leadership skills” etc. Such fluff is usually flagged as empty phrases and if not backed by any substantive statement the resume or cover letter is rejected outrightly, no questions asked.

Instead of using such tired phrases, get into a habit of using specific, objective phrases instead, e.g ‘CNAA Certified’, ‘Fluent in French’ etc

c.) Incorporate company jargon or lingo into your resume and cover letter.

If they have a website, make a point of visiting it and drawing crucial keywords from them. The same applies to company jargon, abbreviations, recommended acronyms and the general company lingo. It’s far much better to spend some extra time weaving these in your resume than have your application rejected on the basis of irrelevancy and non-descriptiveness.

A few more tips:

a.)Keep the fonts and formatting style of your resume plain and simple without too much flair.

b.)Concentrate on the body (meat ) of the resume and not the titles as most ATS are designed to ignore heading and subheadings.

c.)Back up your resume with a detailed social profile such as Linked In and Google+.

d.)Don’t make the mistake of filling your application with keywords only thereby rendering it humanly unreadable. It may pass the ATS, but it will not make much sense to hiring managers.

e.)Avoid using MS. Word and other common templates to format your resume.


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