Valuable Tips to Stand Out and Get the Job With No Work Experience

2017-06-22 by Rebecca

Valuable Tips to Stand Out and Get the Job With No Work Experience.

How to convince HR managers to hire you when you have little or no work experience.

If you’re fresh out of college or high school and have tried applying for a few positions, then you know that landing that first job can be a herculean task. And this is because most HR managers don’t fancy the idea of hiring a complete newbie even if it’s only for entry level position. Fortunately, here are some useful pointers of you can survive such filters.

a.)Enroll/apply for graduate management trainee positions first before venturing into the mainstream job market.

Well, it is no secret that graduate trainee positions are not your everyday bread and butter. Most often than not, the pay is not that good while you’ll be expected to work harder than the rest of the employees. Notwithstanding, the best careers in history were forged in the trainee positions and not managerial ones. After a year or couple of months in such a program, you will have accrued enough leverage in your resume to be at par with those with several years of experience.

b.) Attend internships if finding a job is proving futile.

Internships may not pay you handsomely, but the work experience gained on such a platform can be very valuable. And the culture of internship should be cultivated all the way from college and high school. Instead of spending your summer vacations doing all sorts of unconstructive things, you can channel those valuable hours honing your skills under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

c.)Volunteer your time in a non-profit organization.

Hiring managers have a soft spot for humanitarians and people who take some time off their busy schedules to commit their skills for charity. In fact, you might be surprised that a month or two spent volunteering for Red Cross or Unicef could weigh in better for your resume that years of technical experience. So, if you’re having a rough time getting into the job market, you could try devoting some of your free time working for a humanitarian organization as you wait for better prospects.

Other tips.

a.) Make sure you attend as many internships as possible when you’re in college and high school.

b.) Enroll in more hands-on and practical courses as opposed to theoretical classes.

c.)Ensure you’re a certified professional in your field of study before advancing to graduate school.

d.)As usual, a broad professional network always saves the day even when your experience is not that sufficient.

e.)Volunteer to work under a mentor for free. Their recommendation can prove to be valuable than several years of work experience.


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