Using A Resume Builder For Hiring Success

2015-07-15 by admin

A resume can be thought of as putting yourself on paper. It is a summary of your work ethics, experience, skills and education. Employers base their decision to interview you from reviewing it, so make a good first impression.

To start off, be sure to list your contact information at the top; should an employer want to meet with you, they need to know how to reach you. Your first and last name, email address and phone number are a great start. Some choose to list their address; this is purely a preference and is up to you.

Next, come up with a smart work ethic statement, something that summarizes your career goal in one sentence. To establish a successful career as an Editor with a reputable publication, would be a great statement. The choice is yours so be bold. Following that should be your work skills, usually relevant to the position you are applying for. For example, clerical jobs should list clerical skills, and IT jobs should name computer strengths. The company wants to know why you are the right person for their needs, so keep this in mind while constructing this portion.

Your work history is always of interest; it tells if you are stable, mature, and what areas of expertise you can offer. Be as thorough as possible; provide company name, dates of hire, your job title and duties for each position. Also list any special awards, achievements and recognitions you may have received, such as Salesperson of the Year, or that company award for exceeding your quota. Finally is your education; list where you went to high school, college and any secondary education.

With the right resume builder, you can construct a strong resume that really delivers. When you are called for that interview, dress the part and bring copies to hand out to the individuals you are meeting with. Good luck!


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