Top Tips for an Executive Resume

2018-01-12 by Steve

Top Tips for an Executive Resume

Currently, the job market has seen some resurgence. Despite this fact, there is still a lot of competition especially in the top tier. With so many qualified professionals looking for a job, people need to up their skills. They need to come up with strategies that will help them edge out the competition.

Go to the Core of Your Qualification

As an executive, one should ideally be looking for a job through their personal networks. However, this may not always work. In such a case, you will need to be able to highlight your core skills. For instance, while knowing how to use Excel is great, it is not what businesses are looking for. You should highlight key areas such as being able to lead mergers and acquisitions or being able to manage policy change. If you have any advanced technical skills, they need to be highlighted if they are relevant to the job.

Some of the Areas worth mentioning are:

• Talk about your great communication skills

• Mention that you have the ability to prioritize key issues

• Talk about your technical capabilities

• Mention your interpersonal skills, which are always a plus

• Discuss your ability to take initiative on issues

• Highlight your problem-solving capacity; backed by examples

• Being able to multitask is a skill worth mentioning

• Talk about your dependability as a person

• Ensure to mention organizational skills

• Ensure you mention how efficient you are in completing tasks

Give Hard Facts

Most people tend to overemphasize their soft skills when preparing an Executive resume. This may be the reason why your numerous applications are not getting any replies. The top tier positions are an important part of the company. They directly influence whether a company succeeds or fails. They do not want to know what a nice person you are. They want to hire someone who can have a meaningful impact on the success of the story. One way of doing this would be to recall any successes you have had in your career. Make sure that the employer knows that your decisions were directly responsible for this success.

Trying To Be Everything

When the employer is looking for someone to fill a position, he or she will highlight some key requirements. However, some job applicants take this to heart and try to be everything. The result is usually a resume that is full of praises that seem like outright lies. An employer is not impressed when they cannot pinpoint any specific skill that the employee seems to have. Such an application is thus rejected quite fast. One should only highlight areas that are specific to the job.


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