Top Industry Tips For Administrative Jobs

2017-12-06 by Steve

Top Industry Tips For Administrative Jobs

Most administrative support professional can easily recite their skills at a moment’s notice, but it is critical to understand that most employers and interviews will ask more of you. Careers in office support are unique primarily because job responsibilities of administrative assistants can differ greatly from one industry to another. Therefore, different experiences will help you develop different skills. Here are some expert industry tips for administrative jobs:

1. Tailor you application according to the job posting

Your cover letter and resume should clearly highlight your skills that match individual job postings. For instance, if the position involves processing expense reports or travel planning, you should tweak your resume and cover letter to include your expertise and experience handling those specific tasks. This will help your applications make it through the automated or initial screening process.

2. Show a firm grasp on new technology

The latest technology has a great impact on most administrative jobs. Therefore, besides demonstrating the essential software skills, you must also show that you are ready and willing to keep up with the changing technology. List specific versions of the software programs you have used and be sure to note your level of expertise and experience with each.

3. Understand the job description

Two days before the interview, take some time to read and understand the job description. Administrative job descriptions vary depending on the nature of the job and the industry. It is therefore quite easy to lose track of the specificities you should prepare for. With complete understanding of each job description, you will know the skills you need to highlight and the questions you should anticipate.

Interview questions for administrative job positions mainly revolve around:

· Communication skills: The ability to communicate professionally and clearly and listen carefully is a very strong quality that most employers seek especially in new hires.

· Technical skills: Besides managing office equipment, you may also work with various computer programs. Therefore, you should prepare a detailed list of all your technology and computer skills.

· Planning and organization skills: You may need to discuss your experience with prioritization and scheduling. Multi-tasking is an integral ability in most administrative support roles. Prepare examples of relevant experiences where you had to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.

· Teamwork: Can you work well with others? This shows that you can work on relationship building and make significant contribution when working as part of a team.

· Career goals: Do you have any career goals? You should have a well thought-out answer to this question because it shows the employer that you plan for the future. However, your response should the needs and desires of your employer which include ambition, stability and commitment.


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