Top 3 Essential Tips To Gain Influence In The Workplace

2018-09-04 by Rebecca

Top 3 Essential Tips To Gain Influence In The Workplace

Achieving more influence especially in the workplace is vital for success regardless of who you are, what your career/professional goals are or where you work. For instance, gaining influence in your team can enhance cooperation and effectiveness. Gaining influence in a managerial or supervisory position can make you more appreciated and respected. Despite its numerous advantages, gaining influence is just like learning a new skill; it takes effort and time. Fortunately, there are numerous strategies of cultivating this unique characteristic.

1. Build trust and confidence with co-workers

Influence is most easily and most often carried through trust. Your co-workers can only be open to your influence when they trust you. For instance, if you are in a higher position you can assign a task or convey a demand that must be carried out by employees, but true influence mainly suggests free will components. Regardless of your position, if you want influential and healthy working relationships, you must cultivate trust. This can be easily achieved by being honest and open no matter the situation. Disclose your apprehensions and state your opinions clearly.

2. Use consistency to cultivate reliability

The fastest way of ruining your reputation is inconsistency. On the other hand, consistency is a slow but sure way of cultivating reliability. You simply need to execute tasks on time and in an effective manner; day after day and eventually people will start relying on you. This is also true when it comes to leadership. Sex consistent expectations with employees and offer consistent rewards for outstanding work or performance. As people gradually rely on your behavior, they also expect consistent performance. Consistency is a very effective way of building influence. Without it, people will always view you as unpredictable. Consistency demonstrates a very high degree of dedication which makes it easier for people to get on your side because they trust your ideas as reliable and solid.

3. Be assertive

One of the most effective ways of getting your ideas noticed especially when competing with other people for visibility is being assertive, not aggressive. You must present your ideas and thoughts with a high degree of confidence which clearly indicates your convictions. However, it is vital to understand that an excessive display of confidence could be easily mistaken for arrogance. Therefore, you must trend carefully especially if you are unfamiliar with your audience. Assertiveness should extend as one of your general qualities to every interaction. Besides cultivating a reputation of authority, being assertive also earns you the vital ability to influence your employees and peers.

Other critical factors which can help you gain influence in the workplace include:

· Flexibility: although you must stay rigid and strong in your beliefs, always try to work with other people to find mutually acceptable solutions.

· Be personal: Besides cultivating the sense of a team, personal working relationships make people see you as approachable, imperfect and human. Therefore, they will be more receptive when you start disclosing your opinions and ideas.

· Focus on action and avoid arguments. Demonstrate ideas through real workable examples instead of arguing in theory.

· Listen to others: This will create an atmosphere of mutual respect, mutual trust, and mutual teamwork. As a result you will be acknowledged, and respected.

· Enhance your communication skills because people are always ready to listen when you understand your credibility factor.


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