Tips to Add Some Personality to Your Resume

2018-01-17 by Steve

Tips to Add Some Personality to Your Resume

Your resume ought to be strong enough for showcasing your expertise as well as attributes and also distinguish you amongst the plethora of applicants in the running. Never allow a weak resume to undermine the possibilities of acquiring a job and ensure that the resume is in a tip-top condition prior to sending it out. Below are several essential resume writing tips.


A resume is actually a document for marketing yourself. Never be afraid to market your accomplishments, abilities as well as skills. If you do not let the employer know about you, nobody else will. Concentrate on exactly what you can provide the business instead of what the business is able to provide you. It is essential to emphasize your abilities, particularly those which the job is actually asking for. An employee will always want to know whether you’re suitable for that job or not. In case, a coffee shop is looking for a barista and you happen to be the one who has already several years of experience, make your abilities stand out and win the job for you.

Lose Some Weight

Try to stay clear of any fancy fonts, bold graphics as well as far-out formats because of the software applications used by some companies which are not able to read those. Always go for clean documents and also a standard format which will not be ignored by a computer application. Make it a point to firm up the resume by carefully checking for grammatical errors as well as typos. It is recommended to proofread the document for at least two times and you should request your friends to help you in proofreading it as well. Multiple proofreading will definitely result in a completely error-free resume. Eliminate the second page of the resume and try to scale back to a single page in case the second page does not add too much value to your resume.

Tone and Tighten Specific Areas

Include those words as well as phrases in the resume which can be easily picked up by the software programs scanning for certain keywords that have been outlined in the job posting. For example, in case, an employer is looking for any professional having Excel capabilities and that happens to be an element of your expertise, make use of the word “Excel” rather than just stating that you are proficient at using “Microsoft Office programs”. The resume has to be sent according to the preferred delivery format of the employer. In case it is sent electronically, you must include the links to your work samples as well as more detailed information regarding your qualifications. It is also recommended to mail your resume’s hard copy in order to get more attention.

Additional tips:

1. Preferably, the resume must not exceed more than two pages.

2. Always take assistance from somebody who is adept at writing resumes.

3. Never provide your photograph unless you are specifically asked for it.

4. Always update a resume before sending it.

5. You must never ignore the basic rules of writing a resume.


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