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2017-10-04 by Steve

Successful Professional Careers: Myths Proven False

Every profession involves a lot of challenges and competitions associated with them. The need of the hour is the strategies to be followed in order evolve as the best professionals. This article reveals the truth about some of the common career myths and enlightens the career aspirants about making their career life successful.

Skilled persons are great leaders?

This is the general career myth prevailing in many organizations. But this is not true in the majority of the cases. The skill set required for the technical aspects of the work is entirely different from skill sets required for the leadership. Some people are very good at their work and are able to do them exceedingly well, but they are poor in coordinating the people in a team and lack in the leadership qualities. The quality of leadership can be gained by working with different people across the workplace. The experience also plays an important role in the improvement of leadership qualities.

Talent is everything?

In the recent times, talent alone cannot determine the growth of professional career. The need of personality development along with cultural knowledge is important. A talented person who is unable to interact well with his team cannot serve well for the company. The corporations look for people who can work across various teams in harmony and so give importance to other qualities other than talents. Talent will help to a certain extent, but in a long run, talent alone cannot serve the purpose of career growth. Hence, it is important for us to develop our personality that will suit the current trend of corporate world.

Introverts are incapable of leading?

This is a common myth about introverts. These people are always underestimated about their leadership talents. Mostly, the extroverts are considered to be good leaders that they are better in their self-promotion and seem authoritative. Although they are calm and composed, introverts sometimes turn out to be the best leaders who can provide more comfortable environment for the employees to work. They can motivate the employees to work consistently and their works are predictable. Introverts are also quite responsible and concerned about completing the assigned tasks in time. So, introverts should never consider themselves unfit for the leadership opportunities and underestimate their leadership capacities.

  • Having looked upon the career myths, it is now time to look upon some of the key points about the professional career.
  • Constant upgrading of knowledge with continuous preparation and show expertise in their career.
  • Participation in the technical training and development for the betterment of their career.
  • Accepting responsibility and performing well to show their ability to complete the task to the best of their ability.
  • Understanding the importance of professional relationships outside of their organization and promotes collective networking of people working in the similar field.


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