Starting a Second Career

2017-03-06 by Reese

Everything counts when you apply for a job. You may remember asking a teacher if spelling counted in an essay, and the answer was an emphatic “yes.” Paying attention to detail is always a good idea, but it is especially important in a job search. Our online resume builder can represent you at your best and help you make the right impression.

Learning Job Search Tips
The Resume Builder offers advice to take care of the small details that can prevent problems later. When preparing a resume, accuracy is paramount. Facts are easy for potential employers to check, and you can avoid mistakes by paying attention to detail.

• Make sure to use exact dates of employment. Employers accept gaps if you identify them.

Honesty in reporting your salary is the way to go. A potential employer may ask your former boss to confirm your figures. Make sure to state your education honestly as well. Most companies never ask to see your diploma, but you can never anticipate when one may do so.

• Claim fluency in a second language only when you are sure that you can deliver.

Many companies need employees who can speak another language. Knowing one may give you the competitive edge that you need to get hired. Your knowledge of computers is similar to knowing another language even if you are not a programmer. Where typing was once a plus, computer skills now are more valuable. The Microsoft programs require you to type as a secondary skill, but understanding how to use the word processor, email or presentation programs is a primary requirement.

Avoiding Some Myths and Misconceptions
When you start a job search, it is easy to assume that others know more about it than you. Take time to plan your approach, and believe in yourself. At the same time, keep your guard up to refute misconceptions that can discourage you. Some employers may require you to show that you had steady increases in job importance and responsibilities, but most do not. What they want to see on your resume is that you can do the job. It does not take an employer long to see that your experience, training and skills are a good match for a position.

• Pay particular attention to describing your skills and abilities in detail.

Believing the myth that it is nearly an impossibility to change careers can derail your plan for a new start. In the highly mobile society in America, people who hold jobs are constantly on the move. For everyone who leaves a job, an opening for someone else occurs. While it is true that you may need to take some classes or do some volunteer work to enhance your skills, it is entirely possible to change jobs as many times as you like.

The myth seems especially compelling for anyone who is over age 50, but it is only a misconception. The approach that you need to take to disregard discouragement is to make sure that your qualifications are up-to-date. If your computer or interpersonal skills have gotten a little rusty over the years, you can brush up with some classes at a local junior college. You can meet others who are venturing into a new career as well and gain encouragement from them. Remember to think of yourself as a valuable contributor but not as someone who knows everything.

Taking a Positive Approach
Among the many things in life that you cannot control, one exception stands alone: your attitude. No matter what happens, you can choose to accept the good and the bad with equal grace.

• Your attitude is the only thing that you can control.

Some hints that can help you keep a sunny disposition include believing that a job interview is just around the next corner. Avoid associating with people who have a bad attitude. Instead, focus on your unemployment as merely a temporary situation. One of the most powerful things that you can do to remain optimistic is to present your qualifications in the best way possible. Our online resume builder gives you the tools to do it, and it helps you create the image that can win you a job. Your qualifications and experiences give you a basis for applying for more than one type of position with a resume that targets its requirements. Take the time to construct each one with our expert guidance.

• To make the best presentation of your skills, study the description of the job that you want.

By matching your qualifications to each detail of the job description, you can show an employer that you are the right person for the job.


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