Six Ways to Achieve More Recognition at Work

2017-09-20 by Carolyn

Simple Ways to Stand Out From Your Co-workers

Most people want to be sincerely appreciated for the work that they do. And in an office environment, job recognition could mean a raise, promotion or other nice perks. It can also make you a valuable employee to keep having on the team. But how do you go about getting the recognition you feel you deserve? How do you do it without looking like you’re “out to get recognition”? That would just seem fake and unattractive, right? Those who are sincere about wanting the company to grow and thrive will do their best to make it happen, and their actions won’t go unnoticed. Here are some ways to further your career in a sincere and genuine way.

1. Think of the Greater Good

Whatever you do in the company, work to make the organization a success. Strive for those things that will have an impact on the overall company. If there are several projects at hand, try to get involved with the ones that will best showcase your talent and skills, and hopefully get you noticed by your bosses and managers. Show a sincere interest in the development of the company or your product.

2. Recognize Other People’s Efforts

When you strive to notice the efforts of your colleagues and point it out, this attitude of appreciation will have a ripple and even boomerang effect. Speaking positively, even highly, of others who deserve recognition shows people in your company that you are not self-centered and self-absorbed.

3. Learn How to Accept (and Learn From) Constructive Criticism

Even if a mistake wasn’t entirely your fault, learn when accepting the blame may be the wiser move to make. Showing true humility and admitting that you aren’t perfect is one way to be authentic, even at work.

4. Update Your Supervisors

Keep your boss abreast of new information and accomplishments. This is also a good chance to give some of the credit to your colleagues. Don’t wait for the monthly or annual review to share positive points — it’s OK to check in with your team members and supervisors on a regular basis. In some companies, this culture is even encouraged.

5. Be Graceful When Praised

If you do get due recognition at work, accept it gracefully, say thank you, and keep doing a great job. Being the person who always shows fake humility (“Oh, I’m not really that great!”) when praised will make it less likely that you’ll be given recognition again. This attitude is off-putting.

6. Make Yourself Useful

In his Book, “The Art of Seduction,” bestselling author Robert Green admonishes: “In a world of bluff and smoke, real action and true helpfulness are perhaps the ultimate charm.”

If you want to be that charming person for whom life is truly favorable, then seek to become valuable and useful. Be the one who follows through on what they say; be the employee who is dependable, trustworthy and a person of action, not just words. Be the one that gets applauded. You will be guaranteed honest recognition and sweet success.

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