Peculiar Traits of Irritating Employees

2017-11-01 by Rebecca

Are You The Annoying Coworker? Peculiar traits of irritating employees.

Research shows that one of the reasons many people will quit their jobs today is not in search of greener pastures, but because of one of or two annoying coworkers. But in as much as we like pointing accusing to others, could it be that you’re the annoying coworker by any chance? Here are some traits of a boisterous employee.

a.) Punctuality

When was the last time you arrived at the office before your boss? A good majority of corporate employees today are of the idea that being late for a few minutes is not exactly a serious crime to merit a professional warning. But come to think of it, those minutes add up to valuable hours by the end of the month. The hours will then add up to days and consequently cause your employer massive losses. At the same time, punctuality also extends to completing projects on time and submitting them before the due deadline. How often do you do that?

b.) Common courtesy

Are you the person in the office that everyone avoids because you will never lift a finger to help a colleague? Simple kindness gestures such as helping someone new find their way around the facility can go a long way in building relationships with a fellow workmate. The same applies to giving credit where it is due and acknowledging your errors when you are in the wrong. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that just contributing meaningfully to a meeting can go a long way in mending broken ties with your coworkers.

c.) Inefficiency

When you were hired, you were given a mandate of oversee certain duties and given responsibilities to match. However, after a few months in the job, most people will start taking their work so casually to the extent of bailing out occasionally and requesting false sick leaves. To you, this might seem like a simple misdemeanor that warrants nothing more than an equally simple scolding from your superiors. However, bear in mind that they too have personal errands to run but still sacrifice their time for the bigger benefit of the organization or company.

The following are other traits of troublesome employees. Are you one of them?

a.) Backstabbing: A little gossip may seem harmless and even enjoyable, but it often does more harm than good.

b.) You rarely give credit or take unjustified credit from other hard working coworkers.

c.) You often bend the rules to suit yourself but will be quick to judge when others are caught in the same precarious position.

d.) You seldom contribute in meetings unless prompted to do so.

e.) Poor telephone and social etiquette.


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