Myths About Job Recruitment

2017-12-11 by Reese

Myths about job recruitment.

Just like in all fields in any industry, there are certain myths surrounding job recruitment. These myths are often the result of individual experiences or general misconceptions due to the complexities of job hunting. Below are several such myths about this aspect of companies or businesses and the actual truth behind them.

1. It is better to use in-house recruiters than a job placement agency.

Outsourcing job recruitment services from a professional agency is one of the best decisions a company can make. Although there are some well trained in-house recruiters, most cannot tell the difference between a good and an excellent candidate. Professional recruiters possess in-depth knowledge of specific skill sets in respect to the job positions. Furthermore, recruitment agencies have access to potential employees who are not actively in the job market. Such candidates are often the most valuable employees. They have the tools, resources and technology to find the right personnel for the right jobs. This is not to mention they are result oriented and save time.

2. Recruitment is an easy task and anyone can do it.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about job recruitment. If it were as easy as many people think, there definitely would not be a billion dollar industry springing from it. Moreover, companies and businesses would not spend the money they do in this endeavor. The difficulty associated with job recruitment is one of the reasons many companies today offer contract to new employees. Quitting workers affect their budgets considerably. Recruitment is woven into the business fabric requiring professionals, regular training and expertise.

3. Recruiters do not care about employees.

Contrary to popular belief job recruiters are not only out to make money. Many firms are dedicated to offering regular training resources to their candidates long after they have landed jobs. Candidates will often receive constant guidance and advice regarding issues such as technological advances, industry changes and people skills. They are also better poised to do this since they conduct more research on the industry they are involved in than anyone else. Job recruiters do care about their candidates since the two parties have to work in union for the recruitment process to be successful.


· Online recruitment has not replaced recruitment agencies, the two go hand in hand.

· Recruiters are not necessarily human resource experts or brand experts.

· Job recruitment does not involve the same process for all companies.

· The post and wait strategy is still used by many companies today.

· Social media is just a recruitment tool, not a platform.


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