Most Annoying Break Room Behavior Revealed

2017-08-11 by Samantha

Are You Guilty Of Any Of These?

A recent survey by a leading corporate body in Atlanta, Georgia asked over 500 employees from different niches about the most annoying break room behavior they encounter on a day-to-day basis in the office. Well, the results, as you can already guess weren’t very appetizing. Here is a quick primer on that.

a.)Sloppiness and carelessness.

This was ranked among the most annoying break room behavior in almost all firms. But come to think of it, most if not all of us are guilty of the occasional coffee spill or leaving sandwich crumbs all over the mess counters by the time we’re through with our mid-morning break. So, the next time you don’t bother to clean up the melted muck in the communal microwave after warming your burger know that you could be really irritating someone- most likely your boss or superiors.

b.)Sticky fingers.

Stealing a fellow employees food or even having a bite when they are not watching might seem like a well-though hilarious prank but most of the time it is annoying. Frankly, there are no words to explain the disappointment of stashing a scrumptious home-made meal for lunch in the communal fridge only to have it go AWOL even before tea break.

In some offices, the lunch box heist has become so rampant that employees now resort to labeling their meals or attaching warning notes to fend off the notorious sticky fingers lot. This only goes to show how low we might have sunk when it comes to corporate courtesy.

c.)Eating stinking or strong smelling food.

59% of those who participated in the aforementioned survey cited eating strongly odored food such as tuna or microwave popcorn to be one of the most annoying break room behavior. The trend has become so rampant that some employees look down upon or even avoid their colleagues who tend to cook or warm such food in the break room. So, if you have recently noticed that none of your buddies wants to sit next to your during lunch time, then you might want to change your lunch pack.

That said, the survey also unearthed the following irksome tendencies.

a.) Forgetting or failing to clean after yourself in offices where there is no break room staff.

b.) Lack of general table manners such as talking or shouting while eating.

c.)Leaving your lunch to mold or rot in the communal fridge.

d.)Leaving expired food or bad food in the fridge.

e.)Asking to taste or have a piece of someone else lunch during meal breaks.


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