Know What to Avoid in Creating Your Cover Letter

2018-07-23 by Steve

Need to Create a Cover Letter? Learn What Shouldn’t Be Included

When you apply for a job, you need to have a great cover letter and resume to present to the interviewer. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes when they write their cover letter because they don’t understand what information needs to be included in it. Use the following tips to ensure that your cover letter is perfect for your next interview.

Know the Difference Between a Cover Letter and a Resume

It’s important to know the difference between a cover letter and a resume. A resume details the jobs that you have held, the skills you have and your education. A cover letter is a brief of the information and should be used as a way to hook the interviewer’s attention so that they want to read your resume.

Cover Letters Should Be Brief

A cover letter should only contain pertinent information. It needs to be sweet and to the point. Adding too much content or filler words can make it boring to read and overwhelm the eye when the interviewer looks at it. Create your cover letter and then go through it and remove anything that repeats information, is too drawn out, or is not pertinent to the job that you are applying for.

Customize the Cover Letter to the Job You Want to Get

Another huge mistake that people make is creating a universal cover letter that they use for each job that they interview for. That is not a good idea. You need to let the interviewer know why you are a great fit for the exact job that they are offering. Include info about the company that is holding the interview without gushing about it or seeming like you are talking it up in order to try to get the job. You want to show that your skills make you a good fit for the particular job you want to get.

Check Your Cover Letter for Typos Again and Again

Many people are in a rush to create their cover letter and do not take the time to make sure that it doesn’t have any grammatical or spelling errors. There are online grammar and spell checkers that you can use to check over the verbiage in the cover letter to make sure that everything is correct. It’s a good idea to have your friends and family read over the cover letter before you present it to an interviewer to ensure that everything makes sense.

Don’t Try to Be Too Fancy When It Comes to Your Cover Letter

Some people think that they need to make their cover letter stand out by making it a unique color or adding a scent to it. This is not a good idea, because it can make you look unprofessional and there is a chance that the interviewer could be allergic to the scent that you chose. Let the information that you put on the cover letter — rather than a gimmick — make your letter stand out.

It will take time to create a great cover letter if you want it to be great. Be sure to save all copies of the cover letter that you create. You’ll be able to tweak them to avoid writing a new cover letter from scratch in the future. You can often take out a few things or add a few things to make the cover letter fit each application.


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