How to Write an Executive Cover Letter

2017-12-13 by Carolyn

How to Write an Executive Cover Letter

Landing an executive job requires a cover letter that makes you stand out from the crowd. Particularly for this kind of role, it’s not enough for your cover letter to simply restate the work history that is listed on your resume. Instead, an executive cover letter must convince the employer that your skills and experiences make you uniquely qualified to take on the advertised role.

Show Your Skills

Simply stating your skills in a cover letter often isn’t very convincing. Instead of saying you’re a hardworking team player, give examples that show you have these qualities. For example, you could describe a time when you managed a team of people who successfully completed a project under budget and on time.

Use the Right Tone

When writing an executive cover letter, it is usually best to use a formal tone. Avoid using slang, and get someone to check over the spelling and grammar for you. However, a formal tone doesn’t mean sounding like a corporate robot. Try to avoid using meaningless buzzwords and cliches; instead, use simple, clear language to describe your experiences and skills.

Tailor Your Cover Letter

Executive positions are all different, so it is not a good idea to use the same cover letter for every application. Take the time to craft a new cover letter for every executive application so you can carefully tailor each one to the unique requirements of the role.

Show Your Passion

Your cover letter is your opportunity to express your passion for the role for which you are applying. Before you prepare your application, you need to research the company to find out as much as you can about the culture. Find out what developments have occurred in the company and the wider industry over the last couple of years so you have an idea of what direction the business is heading in. Once you have this information, you can work out how the skills and experiences you bring to the executive role can help you support the growth of the business in the near future.


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