How to Prepare for an Interview

2018-09-24 by Samantha

How to Prepare for an Interview

The old saying goes that failing to prepare is preparing to fail, and it is no different for a job interview. By following these easy steps, your chances to securing the job you want will be greatly increased.

Do Your Research

Before you attend an interview, make sure you have done sufficient research on both the company and the position you are applying for. Employees are impressed by knowledge that proves you have done your homework and have a solid foundation of what the company is about. Thoroughly review the company’s website and weave in relevant recent news to do with the company to show that you are a thorough, interested and professional candidate.

Prepare Questions to Ask

It is inevitable that you will be asked, “Do you have any questions for us?” The answer is yes. This ties in to the aforementioned point of doing your research and appearing interested and curious. Employees will be impressed that you are inquisitive and interested enough to want more information before moving ahead with the interview.

Prepare Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

There are some questions that are almost guaranteed to be asked in any job interview, regardless of the position you are interviewing for. By researching these questions and preparing answers that showcase your skills and experience, you will not be thrown off or put on the spot once the inevitable questions arise.

Dress the Part

This may seem obvious, but first impressions last, and the first impression a prospective employer has of you is how you look. By looking tidy and respectable, an employer is much more likely to attribute positive characteristics to you as a person. As a general rule, it is always better to overdress than under, and to dress appropriately for the specific business or culture of the organization that you are interviewing for.

Active Listening and Body Language

Many studies have shown that chances of being hired become significantly higher when prospective employees exude confidence and are relaxed and engaged while interviewing. By actively listening (making eye contact, acknowledging what is being said, responding appropriately) an interviewer is far more likely to feel comfortable and listened to. Poor body language (arms crossed, slouching, fidgeting) can be a huge distraction and detriment to your interview. Being open and engaged with good posture is easy and makes all the difference.

And Finally, Arrive on Time!

Aim for 10-15 minutes before the interview.

Essentially, the more effort you put into preparing for your interview, the higher the likelihood is of being hired. By following these easy steps, you will already be at an advantage in securing the job you want.


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