How to Improve Yourself Professionally

2017-07-03 by Reese

How Can You Improve Yourself In Your Career?

Just like money, your career grows fast, slow or even remains constant depending on how you treat it. Therefore, it is critical to invest in yourself and your career intelligently in order to flourish in both areas. If you invest in your career with some good choices of academics, good advice and a good choice of profession, your career will definitely grow and give you great returns. However, you must be patient with yourself and your career after all the hard work and right decisions.

Steps to take in order to make sound investments in your career

1. Develop your skills, experience and key competencies

It is vital to keep up to date with professional developments in your industry in order to develop important and relevant skills that can be transferred to another position. Key competencies mainly revolve around critical areas such as interpersonal skills, communication, innovation and leadership. However, you must first identify competencies that are important especially for you and your career. Dedicate ample time and resources to design a workable plan to help you develop the skills you have identified.

2. Build a professional network

When making contacts as part of business or when you are looking for a new job, building and maintaining a professional network plays a very important part. You should develop relationships with different people both inside and outside the organization. Focus on making contacts with various people who can offer new opportunities, encourage you, and support your developments.

3. Update yourself regularly with changes in your environment or industry

You can learn about any emerging challenges or trends that may affect you by keeping an eye on relevant news, reading journals, and reading the business press. This will help you take advantage of emerging opportunities or even change jobs in case the future looks tough.

4. Enroll for the right programs or courses

After observing trends in your industry and environment, you can easily find courses that are suitable and relevant to you and your career. Moreover, you should do everything possible (mainly in terms of dedicating time and resources) to have you enrolled with the program. Besides helping you acquire relevant skills and knowledge, these courses will also give you the right kind of exposure in order to hone your skills through both practical and theoretical lessons. Enrolling for the right program will be a great eye opener for you.

5. Reach out to a mentor

Good mentors always advocate for their mentees and offer assistance to help them improve themselves and also advance their careers. Sometimes an informal relationship might occur, but the drive and commitment is not always there. However, most mentors are likely to spend this time with their mentees in formal arrangements that provide real value. A mentor can provide you with professional and or personal advice and support. On-on –one time is of great importance because it allows for mentors to really get to know their mentees and identify both their strengths and flaws or weaknesses.

Tips for self improvement and career enhancement

  1. · Improve your language communication skills: In order to succeed in this competitive word it is vital to communicate your ideas and opinions clearly and very lucidly.
  2. · Have a learning attitude: Success in any endeavor is usually a result of learning new things, determination, perseverance, planned work and a good attitude to back you up.
  3. · Get involved with non-profit organizations or join committees: Besides being a very rewarding initiative, helping others and giving back to society will also help you view the world through different lenses and appreciate the issues other people usually face.
  4. · Develop a plan for your life and career: As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan; you plan to fail”. In order to achieve your full potential, you must first envision exactly where you want to be in two or five year’s time. The next step is to decide and plan what needs to be done in order to get there. Besides setting goals, you must remember to take action.
  5. · Take up yoga and other exercises: Exercise offers numerous benefits such as self confidence, good health, positive endorphins, stress relief and better sleep.


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