How To Apply For A Job Online Or in Person

2017-08-14 by Carolyn

Career Help- How To Apply For A Job Online Or in Person

Things you need to remember when applying for a job in today’s competitive job market.

There’s no denying that jobs are becoming more scarce while the job market is becoming more crowded in almost all parts of the world. So, how do you make sure you have an edge over the others when applying for that lucrative managerial post?

a.) Start by putting together a compelling resume.

It goes without saying that nothing sells you better than a comprehensive, well put together and professionally written resume. On that note, a good resume should highlight all your skills but enunciate and stress more on your career strengths. Don’t be tempted to use a template in place of a uniquely customized resume that will paint your career picture best.
Just like anything else in life, if you expect to land a prestigious job, be prepared to work extremely hard at developing your brand. In this case, your brand is your resume.

b. )If it’s an online application, make sure you fill all blanks and don’t be afraid to repeat info or data in the various phases of the application.

Research shows that 75% of graduates and job seekers will leave unfilled or unchecked boxes when applying for an online opportunity. Well, sometimes this happens inadvertently, but other times it’s simply a question of not being keen enough or merely taking the whole process for granted. Sometimes, especially in competitive spots, hiring managers will look out for such slips to disqualify applicants who have a tendency of overlooking things.

c.) Don’t apply for a position you barely fit in or meet the minimum requirements.

You have 9 years of experience, but the job requires a person with at least a decade of hands-on expertise. You’re tempted to apply for it hoping that the hiring managers will overlook this in favor of your sterling grades in college. You try to mask your lack of adequate experience by throwing in an array of diplomas and certificates. Unfortunately, most often than not, it rarely works that way. Instead of wasting a lot of time applying and attending interviews for jobs that aren’t tailored for you, dedicated more effort in finding those that you fit into comfortably.

Other tips:

  1. Go a step further and create a detailed Linked-In profile to back up your resume if it’s an online application.
  2. Maintain a clean social media footprint as hiring managers nowadays run background checks of the applicants on Facebook and Twitter to ascertain their identity.
  3. Consider creating a personal website where you can expound on your interests, skills and experiences more especially if you’re applying for a high-level position.
  4. Keep in touch with all your referees just to make sure that they can vouch for your anytime a hiring manager calls.
  5. Run your resume and cover letters through a spelling and grammar checker to avoid submitting documents with typos and accidental slips.


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