Dealing with Skills Mismatch – What to Do If You Are Already Employed

2017-12-04 by Steve

What to Do If You Are Already Employed

Skills mismatch in job market is an increasing trend. This makes it necessary for you to look for ways of dealing with it. The skills mismatch can come up due to failure of the employer to explain the duties expected of the employee or the employee making mistakes while writing his or her resume. Remember the employee will read your resume and know your capabilities. In case you will include skills which you do not have, then you will likely fall a victim of skills mismatch in your career. Some employers can change tasks hence forcing you into the situation of skills mismatch.

Speak with your immediate supervisor

In order to access necessary training which will lead you to performing in a certain task, you should inform your immediate supervisor about your capabilities in a certain field. This will open communication between the two of you hand he will know how to help you so that you will cope with challenges that may arise when trying to serve under different capacities. It will be very easy for you to open up in case the skills that the employer will like you to perform were not stated in the appointment letter.

Ask the employer to move you to a department where you are skilled

You may have been employed in a certain department but with time employees in a different department are deployed to other areas, this will lead to a shortage of staff in a certain section. In such a case the employer may resort to transferring you to the section where there is a shortage of employees. This can lead you to skills mismatch which you should complain to the employer for necessary considerations.

Read job description before applying

In order to avoid cases where you will land on skills mismatch situations, you should read the job description carefully before applying for it. Even if you will like to be promoted to a certain level in your current company, you should read the description of the job before you apply so that you will avoid cases where you will fail to apply your skills and end up wasting your qualifications.

Tips for dealing with skills mismatch:

1. Do research online about new tasks

2. Ask fellow employees for help

3. Work closely with experienced employees

4. Attend seminars organized by the employer

5. Read manuals before operating machines in your workplace



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