Crucial Job Search Tips For The Beginner Or Seasoned Expert

2017-07-20 by Rebecca

Job Search Tips You Probably Didn’t Know About

In as much as the job market is getting crowded by the day, it still pays to exercise some caution when venturing out to find new opportunities and scale newer heights. Regardless of whether you’ve just stepped out from college or been in the industry for a while, there are several universally accepted job search tips that you need to be aware of. This includes;

a.) Don’t ever pay for a job recruiting service.

We live in the world where we are used to paying for almost everything, and some unscrupulous agencies have used this norm to rip off job seekers of their hard-earned cash. As you will later come to find out, very few of these recruiting agencies will actually get you a job notwithstanding the high fees they charge for their ‘services’. The truth is that nothing else other than your own efforts can land you your dream job.

b.) Scour and bookmark all sites where the opportunities you’re looking for are listed.

This mainly applies to specialty industries that list their vacancies in particular sites only. As it usually happens, sometimes these vacancy posts are not usually listed in other mainstream sites. Thus, you risk missing out on such opportunities if you don’t have them on your radar. Besides, narrowing your search down to one or two sites helps you focus on a few potentially viable opportunities instead of spreading your resources thinly over a large but unproductive scale.

c.) Set up a professional profile to back up your resume.

Sites such as LinkedIn, Monster Jobs, Career Builder and allow job-seekers to create professional profiles where hiring managers can learn more about them if need be. Also, having an impressive profile in such sites can quadruple your chances of being hired directly by managers who headhunt potential employees from such sites.

Additionally, nowadays, most applications tracking systems are optimized to run a background of your resume on such sites to determine the authenticity of your qualifications.

More tips.

  1. Keep track of all companies and position you’ve applied for, together with the corresponding dates.
  2. Use job searching apps if available or relevant.
  3. Be careful not to send or submit your scanned documents to any job recruitment service unless requested specifically by a hiring manager.
  4. Identity theft is real. Do not reveal sensitive details such as your ID, bank account and Social Security number in your resume.
  5. As usual, a broad professional network is the easiest way to get your foot in the door.


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