Best Education for a New Career – Arizona State University

2017-08-29 by Steve

Best education – Arizona State University

ASU is a public research university that is located on 5 campuses in Phoenix, Metropolitan area. The sixth campus that is located in northwestern part of Arizona is called the ASU Colleges at Lake Havasu City

Arizona State University is the best place to be

With a choice of 5 different campuses in the metro Phoenix area & our current location in Lake Havasu City, we offer a tailored experience to immerse yourself in your studies & engage with community collaborators that provide research, clinical practice and internships. Our journalism students carry out their studies in the heart of media industry of Arizona at Downtown Phoenix campus. Interdisciplinary Arts & Science students are paid to perform critical research alongside the professors of the University at the West Campus. Aviation management scholars have an air field that is located at the Polytechnic Campus. In addition, sustainability scholars work at the Tempe Campus in a living solar laboratory. For sure, Arizona State University continues to develop learning and living communities where learning is offered 24/7.

Excellent programs

Arizona State University offers excellent programs. All academic programs at Arizona State University are ranked as the best all over the country. Yearly college rankings that are carried by U.S News & World Report positioned our undergraduate engineering academic programs among the most excellent undergraduate engineering programs in the entire nation. Other programs of Arizona State University that were rated highly as the best programs include education, business, public affairs, arts and design programs. Some of the colleges and schools include;

    1. School of Education
    2. School of Engineering
    3. School of Business
    4. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    5. School of journal & mass communication and graduate school among others

Excellent students

The university produces the most excellent students who have one thing in common: complete immersion in a creative atmosphere. Therefore, our students can chart their path to success. We have a large, exciting and vibrant student-body that really makes the university unique. We are the best university in the nation. Immediately you step onto the university, you will experience the big amount of exciting and positive energy that will give you a sense of belonging. Despite the fact that there are many students in the university, you will get a place to call your own. Arizona State University provides a conducive environment that will challenge you to make adult decisions always. Choose ASU and rest assured that you will mature a committed person.


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