Are You Guilty Of The Following Annoying Workplace Trends?

2017-12-22 by Steve

Annoying Workplace Trends

Today’s modern workplace is not just a money minting environment. It’s also somewhere a majority of us will spend most of their adult lives, thanks to the demanding work schedules that characterize modern-day professions. And as usual, anywhere people converge, discrepancies are bound to arise. Here are some of the annoying workplace trends that have riddled the corporate community.

a.) Lack of common professional courtesy.

Step into any office today without a receptionist and you might as well have walked straight into a morgue. You’ll notice that everyone will be busy typing the life away from their keyboards, and you might be ignored for the next 30 or so minutes. Those unlucky enough to ask for assistance will be met with cold hard eyes or simply dismissed with a disinterested casual wave signaling that their presence is nothing short of irritating. That’s the reality of the modern workplace, and it’s unfortunate that most of us fit the above description.

b.)Backstabbing and rumor mongering.

The modern-day workplace is a hotbed of sizzling and juicy rumors encompassing people’s personal lives that have nothing to do with the company’s productivity. For one reason or another, nowadays people are more interested in who the boss is dating than their end-of-year productivity scores. While some might argue that gossip makes working interesting, the fact remains that backstabbing will always do more than good.

c.)Racial, tribal and social discrimination.

It is sad to say this, but it’s evident that discrimination is rife in a majority of workplaces around the world. In fact, it is baffling that even after so many decades of civilization, people are yet to come to terms with the fact that the color of one’s skin doesn’t in any way determine their professional performance. The same applies to the new version of social bigotry that has recently taken over workplaces today. Now coworkers will go lengths to compete with each other in terms of who drives the best car or rocks the latest hairstyle.

That said, here are some other annoying workplace trends that are quickly gaining popularity in the corporate circles.

a.)Rudeness and disregard for the authority.

b.)Dishonesty: You might think that covering up for your coworker is doing them a favor, but in reality you’re only helping them sink deeper.

c.) Lateness, perennial absenteeism and not adhering to set strict schedules.

d.) Poor telephone etiquette and lack of common social discipline.

e.) Inefficiency and mediocrity especially when handling important projects


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