Are Portfolio Careers the Future?

2016-03-03 by Steve

Why Portfolio Careers are the Future

The face of today’s workforce is changing. The way employers and corporations perceive individual workers and those with portfolio careers is changing as well. A 2015 survey by Kelly Careers studied 5,200 workers across the globe. Throughout the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, it was found that 31 percent of worldwide workers are pursuing freelance careers. More people are confidently moving towards greater freedom and lifestyle choice while doing away with old notions and expectations.

Def – Portfolio Career

noun – a tapestry of a variety of eclectic employment experiences; employment in a series of short-contract or part-time positions


A portfolio career allowed her to balance work and family obligations.

Technology Enhances Portfolio Careers

Thanks to the Internet, the way we now access work has changed drastically. Just sign up with an online community and find freelance gigs. It’s easy, painless and free. Skype conferencing enables face-to-face contact with clients. Those with portfolio careers can make valuable connections completely online. Apps like Trello and Dropbox enable you to save your files on the Internet and access them wherever in the world you travel. Who needs a traditional office?

Startups online are targeting portfolio career individuals by making it even easier for them to get hired. SkipTheDrive is one such company that makes the job search process easier. They provide pre-filtered job listings that include work-from-home opportunities.

Portfolio Careers Are the Face of a New, Interconnected World

Both employers and workers are attracted to the notion of “making money in your sleep.” As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, employees can work the night shift even though they are on the opposite side of the world. For example, there are travel agents who take calls from home or English teachers who Skype with students in China on behalf of a U.K.-based agency.

Value for Money & Significant Cost Savings for Employers

From small startups to Fortune 500 companies, more corporations are seeking workers from the portfolio career fields. Employers are realizing that actual physical ties are becoming less of a necessity. The productivity of a freelancer — translated into monetary profit — is of greater value. Having a portfolio career is now accepted around the world. And this trend is on the rise.

What Does This Mean for You?

The year 2016 will see more technological advances. Today’s job market is not just accepting but embracing and even celebrating portfolio careers. It is important that you also stay on trend by updating your resume to properly reflect your several sets of skills and list each one accordingly, in a way that will appeal to the hiring manager. The Resume Builder can help you redefine your resume for your portfolio career. If necessary, you might even make several resumes to fit your professional lifestyle.




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