Applying For A Job Demystified – Useful Tips

2017-07-24 by Steve

How To Boost Your Chances Of Success The Next Time You’re Applying For A Job

Applying for a job and successfully securing one is by no means a small feat. It takes the right connections, resume, interview skills and qualifications to secure a well-paying job. And this also explains why most of us stress out and spend sleepless nights searching and applying for a job. But how can you make sure that the next time you apply for a job the HRs look for you and not the other way round? Here’s how.

1.) Have a killer resume.

A killer resume doesn’t necessarily mean scoring straight As in college and high schools. It means having a detailed, well-structured and customized resume. Something that portrays you as a focused, successful and goal-oriented individual. In fact, contrary to what most people think, a hiring manager can tell a lot about you from your resume. If it comes off as choppy, erroneous and inaccurate, then chances are they might also think the same of you.

2.) Don’t wait until the last the day to submit your application.

It is no secret that we’re all prone to procrastination and last-minute rushing. However, when it come to applying for a job, most employers will look for traits of lack of punctuality by how fast you respond to the vacancy post. So, if you’re the type who waits until the last day to mail your application, then get prepared for a few more heart-wrenching emails.

3.) Learn and master basic interview skills.

The thing about interview skills is that no one will ever teach you how to apply them in real-life situations. You must be willing to attend more interviews than you can count before someone is finally impressed by how conduct yourself in those crucial 15 minutes. As you’ll later come to find out, a 10-minutes interview can easily make or break your chances of landing a good job i.e, regardless of how attractive your resume is. Therefore, dedicate as much time as possible in improving your conversational and interpersonal skills in advance.

Bonus tips:

  1. Always proofread your resume and cover letter before submitting them to the hiring managers.
  2. Arrive a few minutes before the time when the interview is scheduled to kick off.
  3. Remember to thank the hiring team before leaving the interview room or immediately after that.
  4. Be yourself and confident in the interview room. No one will shoot you for making a few mistakes.
  5. Ensure you research thoroughly about the company in question in advance before showing up for an interview.


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