Always Show Excitement When Interviewing

2017-07-01 by Steve

Bringing Your “A” Game to an Interview

Like a writer creating a meta tag to “hook” people with an interesting tagline that makes them want to read more, an interview works much the same way. You get one chance to make a connection from the start. If all you offer during the interview is bland, repetitive and run-of-the-mill verbiage, the interviewer has no reason to invest more time in you and will move on to the next candidate.

Preparing for the Interview

When preparing for a job interview, you need to check your toolbox for useful items that will help put you ahead of the competition. It’s not always enough to have a fine-tuned resume and/or portfolio. You also need to sell yourself and your abilities so the interviewer sees you as an asset to the company.

Bringing Your “A” Game: What It Means

Whether you’re walking into an interview room, being interviewed over the phone or via video chat, it’s important to bring your “A” game. It should speak volumes to the interviewer about your interest in becoming part of the team. The main points of an “A” game never change. These include maintaining a positive attitude, honesty, and handling yourself in a professional manner. Engaging communication and showing interest by asking pertinent questions about the company and position are equally important. Be an active participant during the interview versus a passive bystander.

Basic Interview Rules 101

Then there are the basic rules when going on an interview that may seem obvious but sometimes aren’t what they should be, especially when you’re trying to make an impression. The following is a refresher list of the basics.

  1. Be prepared with a clean, unwrinkled and non-stained copy of your resume, preferably bound in a simple folder.
  2. Regardless of the job position, dress to impress with clean and proper attire. The way you present yourself can make the difference in how you impress the interviewer.
  3. Be on time. Not only does this reflect in a good way on you, it also allows you time to prepare to put your “A” game into motion.
  4. If you’re running late, make a courtesy call.

Much like selling a product, it’s up to you to promote your skills, experience, and persona in a convincing manner. Doing so sends the message that what you can bring to the work table is a level above anyone else. It also shows that you have confidence in yourself and your ability to do the job.

When bringing all parts of your “A” game to an interview, your positive attitude will shine through and those making the hiring decision will have confidence in you, too.

Once the interview begins, remember, you’re relying on the first impression to be one that has a lasting effect.


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