How to Write a Cover Letter | 5 Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

2018-07-16 by Reese

5 Things to Avoid When Writing a Winning Cover Letter

Writing a winning cover letter is an essential part of landing that dream job that you want! You need to be cautious that you don’t include information or details that will make you appear less desirable as a candidate.

Keep reading to learn more about what things to avoid when writing a winning cover letter for your next job:

Being Too Me, Me, Me

You never want to be too me, me, me when writing a cover letter. If you only talk about yourself and how great you are, it makes it seem as if you have no real interest in the company as a whole. Talk about what you love and appreciate about the company and its accomplishments. Your effort shows that you researched the brand and know what they’ve done. In addition, focus your letter on the things you can do to help the company. This will make for a more winning letter.

Talking About Your Inexperience

While you should be honest about your abilities, you don’t want to go out of your way to highlight your inexperience. This will make you appear unqualified for the job and may cost you a shot at an interview. Instead, focus on your skills and what you bring to the table for the specific job role. Giving specific workplace examples can help greatly!

Talking Money or Benefits Too Soon

Your cover letter is not the time to discuss salary or benefits. You first need to focus on how you can help the company better succeed. If you focus on money first, it will make it seem like your intentions are not in the right place. Deal with those topics later on down the road.

Being Too Detailed or Long-Winded

Hiring managers look at so many resumes each day that it can be an overwhelming process. If they see a resume that is too detailed or long-winded, it may get put in the rejection pile right away. Write a letter that explains what you bring to the table in a clear and simple way–short and sweet is the best bet. This makes it easier for the hiring manager to read your letter to learn about you quickly.

Including Typos and Other Errors

You should always carefully re-read your cover letter and resume before sending it. Reading out loud is a great way to catch silly errors. It’s also a good practice to have a close family member or friend look it over, too. Having a second set of eyes can help to catch errors that you didn’t notice. Writing a letter with proper grammar and spelling will make you look much more professional, and a hiring manager will likely take you more seriously.

Take your time and create the best possible cover letter! With a little extra care, you can make your cover letter amazing. If you’re still wondering how to write a resume or how to write a great cover letter, The Resume Builder is here to help. Take advantage of the convenient online resume builder and helpful job resources so you can have better success finding an award-winning career!


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