6 Resume Tips for High School Grads

2018-06-18 by Rebecca

These 6 Resume Tips Will Land You Your First Job After High School

Fresh out of high school? Looking for work? Make a few changes to your resume. It won’t take you long, and you could land your dream job. Sure, you won’t have a lot of work experience to brag about, but don’t let that stop you. Here are six resume tips that you need to know about after you’ve received your diploma.

1. Check Your Spelling and Grammar
What’s the biggest mistake you can make when typing out your resume? Not using your spell check. Making spelling and grammar errors gives off a bad impression. As a result, your resume might end up in the trash.
You don’t have to win a spelling bee competition to get your first job. Use The Resume Builder — it’s an online resume builder, and it does all the hard work for you. Create a professional resume in a few simple steps and check your spelling as you go.

2. Don’t Babble
You might think you’re the perfect candidate for a job. But recruiters don’t want to hear your life story. When creating your resume, keep things short and sweet. Employers might receive hundreds of resumes for one job — Google once received 75,000 resumes in a week! — so try and keep your document concise.
The Resume Builder has some awesome resume styles, and you can fill in your details with a few clicks of a button. You’ll love your new resume — and recruiters will, too!

3. Sell Yourself
Recruiters want to find out about you — your previous jobs, your grades and your personal interests. Include all of this information on your resume to increase your chances of finding a great job. This is your chance to sell yourself!
The Resume Builder provides you with loads of tips for making your resume look more professional. You can list your work experience, achievements and hobbies in minutes.

4. Create a Brand-Spankin’ New Email Address
Could your email address stop you from getting a job? Perhaps. “Unprofessional” email addresses account for 76 percent of rejected resumes.
If you’ve included your nickname in your email address or the name of your favorite singer or actor, you might want to create a new one.

5. Don’t Forget to Include Your Contact Details
The number of people who don’t include their contact details in their resume might surprise you. You should list your name, address, phone number and email address at the top of your document.
The Resume Builder provides you with step-by-step instructions for creating the ultimate resume. This way, you won’t forget to include a single thing!

6. Don’t Be Shy — List Your Accomplishments
You might not have a lot of work experience, but you can still include other achievements in your resume. If you’ve helped out in your local community, recently finished an internship or worked for your parents, don’t forget to include these accomplishments in your document.

Follow the six tips on this list and create a killer resume that will wow recruiters. Who knows, you could grab that job that you’ve always dreamed about. Good luck!
Want to create a professional-looking resume without any of the fuss? The Resume Builder is a resume builder that comes with loads of features and lets you customize your document in a few simple steps. Go to Theresumebuilder.com to find out more!


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