5 Ways to Prepare for a Skype Interview

2016-09-30 by Steve

In today’s global economy, job interviews often take place via Skype. These interviews can seem daunting as you wonder how to make your home camera ready and how you should dress to impress. The following five tips will answer these questions and get you ready to shine during your Skype interview.

1. Choose an Appropriate Setting

Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. If possible, place yourself in front of a neutral background. A blank or sparsely decorated wall works best because it won’t distract your interviewer. Also, remove any clutter from the room. Cameras can cover more area than you might think, so don’t just push clutter aside — remove it entirely. A messy background can also distract from your polished presentation and may even communicate to your interviewer that you lack an eye for detail.

2. Choose Your Outfit From the Waist Up

Just as you would at an in-person interview, wear professional clothing. On Skype, your interviewer will only see you from the waist up, so wear something that looks polished from this view. Men should sport a crisp shirt and tie. Women should avoid sleeveless ensembles and blouses with low necklines. If the only visible half of you shows too much skin, your outfit can come off as too casual or even risqué.

3. Practice Using the Technology

Even if you’re a regular Skype user, practice using it with a friend or family member. Technology sometimes fails, and a no-stakes practice run can help you anticipate problems. If there are technical difficulties during the interview, it’s important to remain calm and collected. Practicing will help you keep your cool.

Practice time is also an opportunity to learn how you appear on camera. Ask your partner to look for unexpected clutter in the background and to provide feedback about your on-camera demeanor. Your partner should also be able to tell you if your lighting and camera angles are unflattering or just right.

4. Sit up Straight and Smile

Not being in the same room as your interviewer can feel like a disadvantage. Use confident, friendly body language to let your interviewer know you’re engaged and approachable. When a firm handshake isn’t an option, a winning smile can go a long way.

5. Don’t Forget to Prepare for the Interview Itself!

These steps should not replace other preparation you would normally do for a job interview. A pristine setting and gleaming grin will do little good if you’re unfamiliar with the job you wish to fill or the organization that may hire you, so don’t forget to do your homework in these areas as well.


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