5 Tips to Getting the Job You Want

2017-07-11 by Reese

Top 5 Tips To Get The Job You Want

Searching for a job, especially when you don’t have one, can be a very dark time in your life. Moreover, it is really hard to find the job you are actually looking for, and when you finally find that perfect opportunity, there might be hundreds of other potential candidates seeking the same opportunity. Therefore, it is vital to understand how you can make sure that you are actually the one who gets the job. There are several methods and techniques that you can use to seriously improve your chances.

1. Understand what you are going into beforehand

It is critical to conduct a comprehensive research about the organization and find out everything you need to know in order to present yourself as an asset to the company. Therefore, you should know specifically who you are talking to and format your letter accordingly.

2. Assert yourself

Always be direct and go straight to the point by simply explaining exactly what you can do. You can describe your background and talk how the organization will benefit by hiring you. However, you should avoid talking about what the job means to you. You should be keen to show that you understand that working for the company or business is different (this is vital because every business thinks they are different) and how you are excited by this new challenge. The main idea is to sell yourself and use what you know about the business to describe the impact you will make. This is an effective way of backing up your pitch.

3. Use referrals as reinforcement

Business is mainly about relationships. Most people have made some bad hiring decisions; therefore, a referral from someone they trust is a huge treasure. Although you may have to forge new connections by digging deep into your network, the effort will definitely be worth it. When someone we really trust is ready to vouch for a candidate, it is a major factor that might tip the decision scale’ towards giving the candidate an interview and even the job.

4. Be the one who takes the initiative

Waiting around for letters will never get you hired, but making a phone call yourself might. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for that perfect opening or wait to be called for interviews; after all, you have already identified ways you can help the organization you want to work for. You should be in charge of where your cover letter and resume goes: is it the pits of human resources department or the CEO’s desk? It is always important to get yourself noticed in order to stand out among all the potential candidates. People will always pay attention when you approach them right. Moreover, most smart people will drop everything just to learn how they can improve their business

5. Build your confidence

Most people wonder why some people are in those jobs when you actually think they are not as skilled as you are. However, you might need a boost of confidence in order to secure the job you really want. Some people just have the confidence and juts to get what they really want and you might need the same along with your great set of skills. Lack of confidence might ruin your chances of getting that job you’ve always wanted. Therefore, you must fight for it.

Besides implementing these main tips, there are other factors that you must put into consideration in order to help your chances of securing the job you’ve always wanted:

 · Develop your skills: Besides being knowledgeable about the skills needed for the job, you should also equip yourself with the necessary [practical skills for that job.

· Clear all grammar and spelling mistakes in order to appear professional. You can also seek help from other people to find any mistakes you have missed in your cover letter and other important documents.

· Ace the interview and be persistent: You must be well prepared and learn tips to help you ace the interview. Proper preparation will also enhance your confidence

· Enjoy a healthy lifestyle and maintain physical fitness: People who are healthy and physically fit tend to enjoy their ideal jobs more, which enhances their dedication and productivity.

· Don’t stop learning: Once you’ve landed on that dream job, don’t think that you’ve had enough. Always strive to learn new skills and also upgrade the skills you already have.


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